recently thrifted: velvet dress + coach bag

I guess my good thrifting luck hasn’t run out yet because I keep finding cute stuff. I picked up this elegant velvet j. crew dress last week and I wanted to go ahead and wear it before the weather started warming up (spring will be here soon!).

ALSO, I found this awesome Coach signature stripe crossbody / purse at Goodwill over the weekend. I’m sure I annoyed the lady working the counter because I kept trying to see if it was authentic. I Googled the serial number on my phone, image searched, etc. What helped the most was just calling the Coach customer service number. They were able to help me out by confirming that the serial number matched the bag style (although they said they do not authenticate over the phone). I also picked up a cute Coach mini wallet along with the bag for $15.

Check out my outfit:

Outfit details:
Dress: J. Crew purple/grey velvet dress, thrifted $4.59
Necklace: vintage brown and cream chunky beaded necklace, thrifted $2
Shoes: metallic Cole Haan croco peeptoe pumps, Poshmark, $30
Bag: Coach black signature stripe crossbody (can also be worn as a regular over the shoulder bag too), thrifted $24
+ Straightened my hair!

What about y’all…any cool thrifting finds lately?


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