A splurge!

I finally broke down and bought a nice black blazer. I have been looking for one at thriftstores but never found anything. It was way more than I wanted to spend but i just love it!

I styled it casually yet still classy enough for work.

Outfit details:
Jacket: Chaus one button blazer in black,  Nordstrom $99 (also available on their website)
Scarf: pink pashmina, gifted
Top: nautical tee, thrifed $1.39
Jeans: ralph lauren skinny jeans, thrifted $4.59
Shoes: lands end ballet flats, thrifted $5
+Melinda Maria star moon necklace,  gifted

What do you think?  How else would you style a black blazer?


6 thoughts on “A splurge!

    1. thank you, dear. It has been impossible to find a classic black blazer at thrift stores, which in the end did surprise me since I’ve found so many other cool things.

  1. That blazer looks great on you, Nout! Although it was spendy, it’s a truly versatile piece that will last for years and never go out of style!! 🙂 It can definietly be hard to find nicely fitting blazers at thrift stores. Also, I’m not sure if you already looked at Target, but I’ve been pretty impressed with their blazers this past year.

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