I’m leaving for Miami on friday for vacation and thought this would be a perfect blog post for the next few days. It’s time to pack!


Another perk of having a simple taste in clothes is that it makes packing a breeze. I can easily fit everything I need for a 10 day trip in my carry-on.

With spring break coming up, I’m sure many of you are heading to warmer climates. Here’s how to pack lightly and not have to pay to check a bag. And you know what that means…more money for margaritas!!

plane outfit, how to travel lightly, how to travel with just a carry-on

I consider jeans, a sweatshirt and running shoes my travel outfit. They take up the most room, so I wear that on the plane. It’s not the most fashionable look, but who cares what you look like in an airport.

casual outfit, how to pack lightly, spring break packing

I wear a t-shirt, shorts, bag and sandals for walking around, shopping and sight-seeing.

swim outfit, simple beack outfit, j. crew anchor bikini, how to pack lightly

To save space, bring bikinis you can mix and match. Don’t forget a cover-up and flip flops too.dinner outfit, simple shirtdress, how to pack lightly, spring break packing

I like to keep it simple, so I wear…

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  1. I’m normally all about looking 100% presentable and being comfortable, but when it comes to planes I immediately want to revert to wearing sweatpants, which I only reserve for when I’m PMSing or really, really sick. I tend to back something and change in the bathroom when I land. Very useful post!

    1. Yeahhhhhh well, my 10 days are going to be a little different. 1. I have 1 checked bag for free and 2. I sweat a lot, so I have to have wardrobe changes throughout the day, LOL. Also I have a lot of toiletries. So basically i need a bigger bag and slightly more stuff.

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