OOTD + new dress

I loved this dress from the moment I saw it…in a mark by Avon catalog. Don’t judge. It went on sale recently, so I picked it up. Like I need any more dresses.

Soooo It’s been a frenetic week. Hubby and I visited my mom in Richmond this past weekend. Then we leave for vacation on Saturday…to MIAMI! So as you know it’s been a crazy week trying to get ahead at work (which I am failing at miserable), spending time with family, running pre-vacation errands, having trouble sleeping, cleaning the house, going to what seems like 85 doctor’s appointments, trying to eat all the food in the fridge, trying to figure out what to wear on vacation and what to pack…. and then my hubby tells me that my little Lenovo laptop that’s been my trusted sidekick is gravely ill and needs a new screen at the least. I was a little bummed that I have to spend money fixing my ‘puter but nothing can get me down. At least I can blog from my phone.

Anyway, back to the outfit. I love the mark Retro Right Dress but it is a little short on me and I’m only 5’3″- like so short, it could be a tunic when you sit down. So I wore it with leggings, as my coworker suggested. It’s a cute dress with a great print, a good price, and the fabric is light. Other than danger of exposing myself, I’d say this is one of my favorite new articles of clothing. It even has a little faux wrap belt that you can tie to cinch the waist area.

mark Retro Right Dress

mark Retro Right Dress
Outfit details:
Dress: mark Retro Right Dress, from my local Avon rep – on sale for $20
Leggings: Old flexees black control top leggings (I think)
Shoes: Melissa + Vivienne Westwood gold Ultragirl flats, used from Poshmark for $30
Jewelry: Long necklace from local jewelry boutique, $13


12 thoughts on “OOTD + new dress

  1. Very cute and smart looking. Im not usually one for large prints but you rock this look as usual. Have a wonderful vacation.

    1. I knowwwww! I am trying some new eye pencil colors, the new eyeshadow primer, tinted chapstick, and the dress. All great so far. And I also have one of the striped multi-wear dresses from last season that I just love. Plus there are more things on my wishlist:)

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