black lace dress: a short story about tailor-fit clothes

Just a note that I will be on vacation starting Saturday 3.16.13 through 3.25.13 so blogging might be sparse until I get back.


This is a post about how you shouldn’t fear your local tailor. Being petite, I usually have to get all my pants hemmed so I’m no stranger to my local tailor. This is a little different. Here’s how the story goes…

I found this classy vintage lace dress at the thrift store, and I was instantly smitten. I had been looking for a black lace dress at thrift shops for months. Unfortunately for me, this amazing dress didn’t really fit. it was a size 10 which I can sometimes fit in without any problems but I couldn’t even get my arms in the armholes. The body of the dress was tight. It was not a good look. I had promised myself that I WOULD NOT BUY ANY CLOTHES THAT DIDN’T FIT. Once again, I broke my own rule.

So I paid the $5 for the dress, which was a great deal anyway, thinking that I’d take it to a tailor and see what they could do. I could always have the dress dry-cleaned and consign it if alterations just did not work.

I decided to try a new tailor nearby and he recommended not only adding extra fabric in the armpit area but also to let the whole dress out. I was scared… of the cost and of the possible outcome. I won’t lie, it wasn’t cheap (it’s not like it’s just a simple hem or tuck). But when I tried on the dress after its surgery, I was very happy!

So friends, the moral of the story is that I would recommend trying to get your inexpensive thrifted clothes tailored when possible, especially if it’s just a simple hem or taking in pant waists, shortening skirts, etc. Buying clothes that just don’t fit at all is always a gamble. This time I took a gamble and was happy with the outcome. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Outfit details:
Dress: vintage Liz Claiborne? black lace dress, thrifted $5 plus $50 worth of alterations ($55 total, not bad for a cute LBD)
Belt: Skinny silver belt stolen from another dress
Necklace: long peacock pearl strand, gift from husband
Shoes: patent Bandolino Apparently Pumps, old from Piperlime.

Hope you like my dress and how it turned out! I also hope you all have a great weekend (and week)!




17 thoughts on “black lace dress: a short story about tailor-fit clothes

  1. That dress looks great on you! Your tailor did an awesome job. I have a dress in my closet that I’ve never worn because it doesn’t fit right and after reading this I’m itching to go get it altered!

    1. you might be right Jocellyn but for whatever reason, I can wear so many different sizes, all depending on whether there is stretch or not. πŸ™‚ don’t you wish sizing was more consistent?!

      1. Yes! My head would spin if I went to Europe. I’m a pretty stable size in clothing, when it comes to shoes I’m all over the place as well.

  2. I always loved the classic look of a “Litte Black Dress.” It’s exceptionally versatile and easy to wear. I love yours! The lace detailing is very pretty. πŸ˜‰ And you look gorgeous in it.

    Love, Em.

  3. I read the word surgery and I was like ohno! But then I realised it was on your dress and I was like oooh. Haha. That’s so neat you were able to get it tailored, it looks great! xx Karen

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