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manic monday shoe find

Happy monday!

it’s been a while since I’ve done a shoe post.  I still love shoes, don’t worry!

Here’s a lust-worthy pair. I love patent, I love pink, I love t-strap, and that ankle strap…. Vintage flair with a modern look and all for $60. Swoon.

Sole Society Alayna T-strap Pump
Sole Society Alayna T-strap Pump in french taupe pewter || $60
Sole Society Alayna T-strap Pump
Sole Society Alayna T-strap Pump in cabaret platino || $60

What do you think of Sole Society’s Alayna? If you’re not already a Sole Society member, please use my link to join.


are flared or bootcut jeans still ‘cool’?

Are they? It seems that boyfriend and skinny jeans are currently ruling the fashion roost, but I still like my bootcut jeans. And my thrifted military jacket thing. And I liked how my butt looked in my new ebay jeans.

I remember when ‘flared’ jeans first became cool, it was sometime between 1995 and 1996 and I was in 5th or 6th grade. I was happy to try these flared wonders. Before flared jeans, we wore tapered pants. They were pretty horrible. But trends change so quickly, I feel like I barely have time to enjoy them before they’re swept away and replaced with something new.

Now it’s your turn to chime in…are bootcut jeans still ‘in’ or is wearing considered a fashion faux pas?
Outfit Details:
Top: Ann Taylor LOFT ruffled cotton top, pale lavender, thrifted $3.59
Pants: David Kahn bootcut jeans, gently used from ebay, $5.99
Jacket: Military style blazer, thrifted $4.59
Necklace: swinging cats necklace, from Red Brick North
Bracelets: Thrifted and consignment, between $1.99 and $5.99
Shoes: MIA Karmen white + red polka dot espadrille wedge, clearance $15

pointy heels + cat necklace

I am usually scared of pointy heels. Until recently I have only glared at them in distrust and refused to wear them.

Why, you ask? Because I have big feet and am pathologically concerned with how large they look. I have avoided the extra room the pointy toe area add to my feet. But recently I have been seeing a lot more pointy pumps all over the blogosphere. I actually started to – GASP – like them.

Here I am wearing a pale yellow oxford button down shirt + my NEW AWESOME CAT NECKLACE + cropped pants + pointy toe pumps. I tucked in my shirt! I was comfortable but I felt grown up all of a sudden (except for the cat necklace, that was an homage to being a kid).

What about you…do you like pointy toe heels or do you prefer a rounded toe?


Outfit details:
Shirt: pale yellow oxford button down shirt, lands end canvas, old
Pants: Banana Republic cropped navy sateen pants, clearance from last season
Necklace: swinging cats necklace, 22 pounds from Red Brick North
Bag: Anne Klein black patent + zebra purse, thrifted $5?
Belt: thin pink belt, Charlotte Russe, old
Shoes: Cole Haan Air Miranda beige/nude patent pointy toe pumps, ebay $35

PS. sorry for the janky photos, the light was reflecting off the shirt and no amount of super amateur photoshopping seemed to help.

vintage inspired outfit + professional photos!

I spent the afternoon at Duke Gardens with my friend and coworker Rachel, owner of Rachel C. Ward Photography. She graciously photographed me in my thrifted outfit for the Thrift Your Heart Out OutFIT contest. I was going for a vintage 50s/60s look which I hope I accomplished!

Rachel is a wonderful photographer and captured the beauty of nature as well as moi. Kudos to Rachel and a big THANK YOU to her for allowing me to post her photos here.


If you’re in Central North Carolina and need a lifestyle or wedding photographer, don’t hesitate to contact Rachel!

{Connect with Rachel C. Ward Photography on Facebook || or via her Website}

***I hope you like these photos, they’re the first professional photos on this blog and that makes me HAPPY!***


Outfit details:
Dress: Adrianna Papell Matte Jersey & Taffeta Dress in dark blue, thrifted $4.59 from Goodwill (it’s originally $178, OMG)
Necklace: vintage faux pearl 3 strand necklace with rhinestone clasp, jewelry consignment store in Greensboro, NC $15
Earrings: Hollycraft pink rhinestone earrings, thrifted from Pennies for Change Thrift Store, $16
Bracelet: Vintage rhinestone bracelet, thrifted from Goodwill $1.99
Scarf: Vintage silk scarf, thrifted from Goodwill $1
Shoes: Anne Klein purple suede pumps, thrifted from Goodwill $8
Bag: Vintage Bobbie Jerome patent clutch with tortoise plastic handles, thrifted from Goodwill $1.99
total: $48.57

easy colorblocking

The easiest way to jump on the ‘color blocking’ trend bandwagon is to buy a dress that’s pre-color blocked. haha! I think I’m so clever, don’t I? I really like this dress. It’s bright and very comfortable.

Well, I wasn’t really planning on buying anything, but I went into a JC Penney (or is it called JCP now?) store to return something I had bought online and… GASP….I found SO MANY CUTE THINGS. I literally had no bought anything at JCP since the late 90s. I ran into this dress on a clearance rack, and the rest was history.

Outfit details:
Dress: Allen B colorblock (turquoise, pink, orange) midi dress, JCP clearance $14 in store ($18 online)
Shoes: Nickel t-strap sandals, thrifted $4.59
Jewelry: Necklace, local store for $13.50 + bangles, thrifted $2-3 each + spiked bracelet, consignment store $5.99
Clutch: Talbots black patent clutch, thrifted $4
Belt: pink skinny belt from Charlotte Russe, old
Jacket: Vivienne Tam blazer, Ideeli clearance from a while ago, about $18

What do you think about the color blocking trend? Are you a fan?


PS. I really wanted to say something about the recent tragic events in Boston and Texas but I don’t really know what to say. When these types of events take place, it seems that words just fall flat. Humans are suffering all over the globe and it’s my sincere wish that one day, we won’t hurt each other any more. Peace, <3, and baby goldfish.