Help me style this tunic!

I might be a fashion aficionado but I don’t know how style everything. One of my biggest fashion failures has been this silly tunic.

I bought it from Victoria’s Secret many years ago (because as you all may know, vs likes to fool me into buying clothes that only look good on 5’11” size 2 supermodels) and maybe wore it twice. I liked the cool stitching on it plus its a very light cotton – perfect for summer.

But I have no idea how to wear this darn thing and look GOOD. If that’s not possible,  then I’ll cut my losses and consign it.

SO dear blogger friends, please help me style this tunic. Comment and tell me what shoes, accessories, etc etc you’d recommend. Keep in mind that the tunic is a little too short to wear as a dress by itself – especially to work. Also let me know if you’d get rid of it altogether. Be honest!

Here’s the tunic:




Worn by me without anything else:


Thank you all so much and I look forward to your suggestions!


12 thoughts on “Help me style this tunic!

  1. I must have miss rd this tunic at VS. Love their stuff but I too hhave bought items that present challenges to style. I like this little tunic and it reminds me of the 60’s. Try wearing it with denim skinny jeans or khakis pants. Bangles braclets, lots of them and sandels in nuetral color. Maybe no necklace because of the cut of the neckline ~ or a chocker type necklace that complments bangles or braclets. You could go with leggings too in a color in th etunic, blue or red. I’d go with long pants too since this is sleeveless. Just some random thoughts. ❤ your Blog

  2. I think it looks great on you, don’t get rid of it. I agree skinny jeans would look nice, with flats and for the summer some capris that are khaki or military brown colored in a really light, tight fitting washed cotton would work too. With heeled sandals. Maybe take the tassels off so you can wear better with other jewelry too.

  3. Oh what a cute tunic! I’d definitely style it with some skinny jeans and sandals (even flip-flops would work for this relaxed look). I agree with all the suggestions above (the bangle bracelets, the tights … ) however, I would love to see the tunic worn with a thin (rope or leather) belt, just to give you some definition because it is so long and so white. Reinventing things from your closet is so much fun!

    XOXO Nensi

    1. Thanks for your suggestions, Nensi. I love the idea of a belt and I actually think it’s better than no belt because of the straight cut of the tunic and the fact that I’m a curvy gal. xo

  4. Fun! I like this game! Haha 🙂 Here are three suggestions:

    1. Wear it with leggings, boots, and a jacket. I don’t know if it’s still cold there but I think it would look better with leggings than skinny jeans..I feel like jeans might look to bunchy? Maybe?

    2. Try wearing it tucked in under a skirt. I think it’d look really cute tucked into a flowy maxi skirt with some boho style jewelry! And if you want to go all out boho, a floppy hat too!

    3. You could always take it to a tailor and have them cut off the bottom and turn it into a shirt. A shirt would be so much easier to style!

    1. YAY! I LOVE all of these suggestions! It’s starting to warm up quickly here in NC but I love cowboy boots all year, so #1 might work. Only problem is my legging situation, my best ones are black, but I do have a very thin blue and purple pair. I also love #2, and have the floppy hat, but I don’t think I have a summery maxi skirt. I might try #2 with a shorter skirt. #3 is also a very good idea, and is something I can get done easily and won’t cost too much. If I like how #2 looks, I will probably get it hemmed.

      thanks again for your great suggestions, Miranda! I won’t hesitate asking awesome blogger friends like you for styling advice =)

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