pointy heels + cat necklace

I am usually scared of pointy heels. Until recently I have only glared at them in distrust and refused to wear them.

Why, you ask? Because I have big feet and am pathologically concerned with how large they look. I have avoided the extra room the pointy toe area add to my feet. But recently I have been seeing a lot more pointy pumps all over the blogosphere. I actually started to – GASP – like them.

Here I am wearing a pale yellow oxford button down shirt + my NEW AWESOME CAT NECKLACE + cropped pants + pointy toe pumps. I tucked in my shirt! I was comfortable but I felt grown up all of a sudden (except for the cat necklace, that was an homage to being a kid).

What about you…do you like pointy toe heels or do you prefer a rounded toe?


Outfit details:
Shirt: pale yellow oxford button down shirt, lands end canvas, old
Pants: Banana Republic cropped navy sateen pants, clearance from last season
Necklace: swinging cats necklace, 22 pounds from Red Brick North
Bag: Anne Klein black patent + zebra purse, thrifted $5?
Belt: thin pink belt, Charlotte Russe, old
Shoes: Cole Haan Air Miranda beige/nude patent pointy toe pumps, ebay $35

PS. sorry for the janky photos, the light was reflecting off the shirt and no amount of super amateur photoshopping seemed to help.


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