inspired but underwhelmed: my frumpy OOTD

I’ve seen so many cute bloggers attempt to recreate outfits they’ve seen somewhere and most of the time, they look amazing.

This was not the case here. I was inspired by this look, which I saw on Uber Chic for Cheap. I really like the printed pants + chambray or denim combination.

gap outfit green pants printed chambray shirt yellow belt wedge sandals
gap outfit – green pants printed chambray shirt yellow belt wedge sandals

MY version of this look was a major FAIL. But I still decided to wear it to work because I was running late and didn’t want to change. I felt really frumpy and not put together. I was comfortable, so I guess that counts for something? Plus by the end of my workday, my newly thrifted pants had stretched out and looked silly.

I really wanted to tuck in my denim shirt into my pants like in the inspired by photo, but when I tried that, my belly pouch protruded. It was pretty funny. And Sad.

I did really like my new purse, my shoes, and my bracelets. So there.

Have you ever tried to recreate a “look,” only to be disappointed in the results?

Outfit Details:
Top: Denim Shirt, thrifted $2 {{worn here}}
Pants: Talbots cropped print pants, thrifted $3.59
Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue studded / spiked heels {{worn here}}
Bag: Purple leather faux croc Brahmin handbag, gently used from ebay $30
+my polka dot orange scarf as an accent
Jewelry: Red Brick North necklace {{worn here and here}}, studded bracelets + Swarovski bangle + link bracelets, thrifted and consignment


12 thoughts on “inspired but underwhelmed: my frumpy OOTD

    1. haha! you are too sweet! I’m glad to hear that I got the essence right, because that’s what I was going for. Next time, I’ll keep in mind that these pants don’t look good worn with a tucked in shirt and try them another way:)

  1. This outfit totally looks really nice and not frumpy–although if you wanted the tucked in look, maybe it’s not the pants, but maybe try it with a looser, more blouse-esque chambray button up? Not a denim fabric, but a chambray cotton fabric?

    1. I think you’re right Marci. I don’t currently have a lighter fabric chambray top but I’m currently looking for one when I go thrifting. Maybe worth trying again and also I think i’d like to try and wear a belt. The pants are the ones that don’t have belt loops and zip on the side, so there’s not a lot of fabric to hold in the pudge, haha!

      1. Good luck with the thrifting adventure! I’ve been shopping my own haunts looking for a lighter fabric chambray shirt and all I’ve found are structured denim shirts. Which are still good finds, but do exactly none of the things I want them to do 🙂 Maybe a wide woven belt would work, then, to help hold everything in? (I say that, thinking of a specific one in my closet that I use for just such occasions!)

  2. We are our own worst critics, but I know what you mean about not feeling comfortable in a cool. Thanks for showing it off, though! I like when bloggers, especially food and fashion bloggers, aren’t afraid to show their less than perfect moments 😉

    1. I definitely like it when bloggers prove that they’re not just super attractive, perfect robots. Cause God knows, I’m anything but that. :):) thanks for the kind words.

  3. Just discovered your blog after I read your comment on Jen’s Skirt the Rules blog, love your thrift finds!

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