Pantone-Inspired Spring Color Challenge: African Violet

I’m a little late to the game but I really wanted to participate in the Pantone-inspired Spring Color Challenge.

Today, I tried to mimic the African Violet color. Not having the exact color in my wardrobe, I chose the next best thing from my closet.

Sorry for the janky photos, once again, I had to get my sleepy hubby to take phone pix of me in the hallway because he wasn’t wearing enough clothes to go outside, LOL!

Also I wanted to show off my new bangles, especially this awesome Swarovski celestial bracelet. I just love it!

Bangles + Bracelets
Nautical Bangle + Swarovski Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets Enamel and Rhinestone Bangle

Outfit Details:
Dress: Butter By Nadia Convertible Dress in Jersey. Color = carnation, purchased on clearance at Also worn here. (Plus old tank top from Old Navy)
Jacket: Ralph Lauren bandleader/military inspired jacket, white denim, thrifted $14
Shoes: Melissa + Vivienne Westwood ultragirl gold + bow flats, gently used from Poshmark (worn alot)
Bag: Purple leather faux croc Brahmin handbag, gently used from ebay $30
+my polka dot orange scarf as an accent
Jewelry: Necklace from local boutique, $13 + bangles thrifted and splurge

Are you participating in this challenge? What do you think of this African Violet shade of purple? Personally, I love purple so I was excited to wear it!


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8 thoughts on “Pantone-Inspired Spring Color Challenge: African Violet

    1. thank you!! I love the jacket too! I saw it at Goodwill several months ago and just had to have it, even thought it was a little expensive compared to the regular goodwill pricing. $14 is still a steal though!

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