(almost) never the same outfit twice!



My husband said something the other day and I thought it was funny enough to share… He said to me – “You never wear the same outfit twice!”

Not fair, that’s only 90% true =P. I’m lucky that my frugal shopping ways and thrifting (and job) have allowed me the ability to own a lot of clothes and shoes. I am thankful for not wanting for anything, that’s for sure.

What about you, dear readers? Do you find yourself wearing the same favorite pieces or do you tend to wear a different thing almost every day?


Outfit Details:
Top: Target + Webster Miami blouse, ebay (can’t remember price)
Pants: vintage Escada white cropped pants, thrifted $2.99
Shoes: Betsey Johnson Maggi polka dot bow pumps, old from Amazon, seen HERE.
Necklace: fuchsia plastic link necklace, veryjane.com, seen HERE and HERE.


12 thoughts on “(almost) never the same outfit twice!

    1. Why thank you! I love them but they are not very comfortable or easy to walk in. Plus they are kind of a weird color and I have a hard time matching them with outfits.

  1. I actually seem to wear my favorites over and over again. I have closets full of clothes but get stuck in a rut. That’s why I am trying to switch things up creating new outfit combinations with clothes I already have. Your Blof Sandpaper Kisses has given me new inspiration. You really put great outfits together. Thanks.

    1. Love to have you r comments here, Pam! I am also trying to do the same thing, hence the “no outfit twice”, hehe. I have a lot of clothes and some days I say “I have nothing to wear”! by mixing and matching and planning outfits in advance and finding inexpensive staples at thrift shops, then I can say that I have no excuse! xoxo

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