LWD (little white dress) – reblog

Hello dear readers. I hope everyone had a great long weekend. I have a virus thing and have been feeling under the weather and less than attractive, so I thought I’d reblog an old post with a super cute LWD (little white dress) that I’ll be wearing this summer.

If you have any ideas on how to style this dress, please share 🙂

Sandpaper Kisses

Today’s Day 5 of the Dressmeber Midsummer Madness (wear a different dress every day) and they have started… the hottest days of the year. Sweltering 105 degree heat with no rain in sight is not my favorite, especially since my air conditioning at home can barely keep the house below 86 degrees. yay.

The good news is that I work indoors (so thankful!) and I had a pretty dress to keep my mind off the weather.

For day 5 I chose a vintage-inspired and ultra-feminine Donna Morgan white sweetheart neckline eyelet dress that has a super unique purple/pink pattern on the bottom. I saw this dress on eBay and just had to have it – and it’s a good thing I got such a good deal on it. I paired the dress with a cool yellow necklace I got also on eBay for a steal.

With this Donna Morgan dress…

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8 thoughts on “LWD (little white dress) – reblog

  1. I just love this dress and it looks wonderful on you. I think, I’m going tohave to look harer on eBay for dresses.

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