diy denim dress refashion!

I actually had another blog post in mind for today but I am just too excited not to blog about my foray into sewing clothes. I am a sewing beginner for sure, so it came to everyone’s surprise (especially me) how this turned out.

Background story: I bought this horrible muumuu type denim dress at Goodwill last October as part of a Halloween costume (‘Big Love’ was the theme and several female coworkers and I dressed as sister-wives and a male coworker dressed as our ‘husband’…yes, very un-PC). Anyway, I didn’t want to just donate it back to Goodwill thinking that I could reuse the dress somehow. Well, I recently saw THIS refashion and I was just smitten. The gears in my head started turning and I was inspired to take out that muumuu and start sewing.

Here’s what happened…behold the transformation!

transformation diy denim dress refashionVoila!

transformation diy denim dress refashion

Sewing Details:
-the refashioned dress front is actually the old dress’ back. You’ll notice 1 button if you look at the refashioned dress’ back and that’s left over from the front of the muumuu. Because of this, I had to cut out and sew up the side pockets because they were facing the wrong way.
-I didn’t sew in a zipper. The original waist was a little loose so I sewed in 2 strips of thick elastic inside the back of the refashioned dress; you’ll notice a gather in the back
-The original front pockets were sewn together to turn them into a bow! I turned the bow into a pin so it can be worn wherever!
-I used pre-made trim to sew across the sweetheart neckline. I was thinking of also trimming the bottom hem. Not sure yet.
-The halter straps were made from the original sleeves.

Outfit Details:
-Frumpy denim muumuu dress, thrifted $4.59
-Polka dot sash that I used as a belt and as a headband, thrifted $1
-Sole Society suede peeptoe pumps, Sole Society OLD
-Vintage yellow/white beaded necklace, ebay $5
-Bow pin made by me
-Sewing supplies $10
Total: not too shabby!

What do you think, dear readers?!


41 thoughts on “diy denim dress refashion!

  1. Wow… you did a fabulous job of refrashioning this dress. Good work ! And here I just donated 3 denim dresses to Goodwill, one was a old Eddie Bauer dress from the 80’s too, which could have been refashioned too. Im impressed with your crafty sewing skills. (Im a sewer too and have constructed many dresses and items.)

    1. thank you so much darling! I guess I sewed the dress that I wanted to wear – I had been looking for a sweethear neckline halter dress and a cute denim dress πŸ™‚

  2. I just came over from Renegade Seamstress after seeing your pictures there. I can’t come up with enough words to say how awesome this dress looks. This refashion comes at a good time for me – I just started cutting into a similar dress and you’ve given me some new thoughts on problem areas. (If I was younger I would do the halter, but I’m not, so have to make a top with more coverage :)) You have serious design talent and the finished product looks very professional. Thanks so much for sharing your work.

    1. Hi Jo! thanks for coming over! I think you could definitely do a similar design but with more back coverage. What I was initially going to try was a criss-cross strap design in the back and have the back be higher to give more coverage. However, when I realized that taking off the front pockets would leave darker fabric exposed, I knew I had to cut that part out – and that’s where I got to a lower backless and a halter dress. Another thing you can do is full back coverage with a small cap sleeve and still keep the sweetheart. This I think is a more complicated design but definitely doable. I would love to see what you come up with…

      1. Thank you for the ideas … the top on the dress is too small but there’s lots of material in the skirt, so I’m thinking of using a different top anyway. The pockets on mine are on the skirt front, so I think I’ll have to cut the bottom into panels to remove those … this is my first major refashion so I’m taking my time to think it through πŸ™‚

  3. Yes, Nout I am a really good sewer, but I havent been doing much sewing of late. My Mom was an excellent seamstress and taught me how to sew at an early age. I have 4 sewing machines 2 of which are sergers. Sergers are a must for finishing seams. My Mom used to re-fashion garments all the time. I think I may just follow also. I have some maxi dresses tha may need re-fashioning. πŸ™‚

  4. i found you through the renegade seamstress reader refashions. i think you are too cute! i love your style. good job on the dress!

    1. thanks so much , Laurie. I honestly am surprised at how the original frumptastic dress turned into something super cute – it’s the frog prince of refashions, lol!

    1. Thank you so much! I knew I wanted either ruffles or a bow but when I couldn’t decide on where to put the ruffles, I figured a movable bow would be a great idea. I just love little details like that;)

    1. I am just a beginner and I think this project succeeded with a little bit of beginner’s luck! πŸ™‚ But mainly I just had in mind something that I really wanted – a sweetheart neckline dress with halter straps – and I tried to make that a reality. Thank you for stopping by! xo

  5. Ok – this is like the BEST refashion I have ever seen! You have got some mad skills lady! I am super impressed! I was wondering what happened to the front pockets so I’m glad you wrote about what you did! Love the bow too (obviously) πŸ˜‰

    1. thank you so much! I’m really not that great at sewing yet but I was overcome with a sense of inspiration for this project, and I wanted to make it happen!

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