diy gingham dress refashion

For this week’s Refashion Runway, the theme was copycat refashion and of course I really wanted to join the sew-along (you don’t compete in the Runway, you just sew along to the theme).

At first, I wasn’t sure what the heck I was going to do. Then I saw Amber’s amazing gingham + cherries outfit and was inspired. Cherries and Gingham
Cherries and Gingham outfit courtesy of

I had this gingham dress that I had been holding on to for 10 YEARS. It hadn’t fit me in about 9 years. It was time to let go.Β When i figured I could make something out of the dress that I could actually wear, I got excited!

BEFORE – see, the dress didn’t even come close to zipping up.

gingham dress refashion back gingham dress refashion

AFTER – a much better skirt with a cute tie on the side:
IMG_1523 IMG_1522 IMG_1521

Basically I cut the bodice of the original dress off and created a waist band and enough sash to tie a bow on the side. It’s not a great refashion because it did end up a little bit like franken-skirt, but I love bows + gingham so much that I didn’t mind;)

Not quite as gorgeous and ethereal as Amber’s version but I think I captured the general spirit of it.

What do you think of my gingham dress to skirt copycat refashion?


Outfit details:
Top: Norma Kamali tie neck blouse, thrifted $3.59
Skirt: refashion by me from old gingham halter top dress that I had for 10 years
Shoes: Melissa + Vivienne Westwood Anglomania lady dragon cherry pumps, gift from hubby
Clutch: LOFT green croc clutch, $1 thrifted


33 thoughts on “diy gingham dress refashion

  1. I think you look adorable and I like the red green combination it is the right green for the right red doesn’t have a Christmas feel like a lot of red and green combos do. Also the big plus is all the savings. Don’t you just love getting a deal? I sure do.

    1. I LOVE getting a great deal – nothing gives me a bigger rush, HAHA! and I totally agree – sometimes green and red can be too christmasy but I tried for a lighter green, which really does work great with red. thank you for commenting:)

  2. What a FABULOUS update to that dress. I loooove the full skirt – and it looks just perfect on you (especially with the feminine blouse). I wish I could sew like this!

    1. thank you so much! I am just learning to sew on a sewing machine and it’s tricky but oh so fun! I just love full skirts. My mom bought me a pattern for one and I hope to stop being a scaredy cat and learn how to sew from patterns soon!

  3. Another amazing refashion! The skirt looks great and I just adore how you styled it! The bow top looks so cute with the bow on the skirt. And those shoes!!

    Also – thank you for introducing me to Forever Amber! I officially love her now!

    1. thanks so much! and yes, Amber is amazing. her style is just fabulous and she’s actually a HILARIOUS writer. And she runs several blogs, one of which is πŸ™‚

    1. It was a nice dress when I was like MANY sizes smaller, but now it works well (and fits!) as a skirt, which surprised me because I didn’t really know what I was doing, LOL. Thanks for following me on bloglovin πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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