bad blog photos = not the end of the world.

I must not be the only fashion blogger out there who has REALLY BAD photo days….right?

Yesterday was one of them. My sweet hubby takes the majority of my blog pix and because we were both worn out from a long Monday, the outfit photos turned out pretty bad. Whether they’re blurry, bad lighting, silly faces, weird reflection, face looks tired, lumpy, bad angles, or all around “MEH” feeling, yesterday’s pics had all of them! You know, things that Photoshop can’t fix! I did some very slight color adjustment in photoshop because I thought they’d be easier to view if they weren’t so dark.

I’m going to share my sub-par photos because….really….WHO CARES?! I write this blog for fun and friendship and not for advertising or to please anyone so really I’m my own worst judge. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


IMG_1615 IMG_1616Β  IMG_1623Thanks for reading! until next time…



Outfit details:
Dress: banana republic striped ponte fit and flare dress, hand me down from my awesome boss
Jacket: Talbots clearance, old
Shoes: OLD (like over 7 years old)
Necklace: bubble necklace, gifted
Bracelets: thrifted and old


18 thoughts on “bad blog photos = not the end of the world.

  1. Don’t worry about the photos! They aren’t nearly as bad as you probably see them to be. For-fun blogs are the best!!! There should be no pressure. I really appreciate you sharing your outfits and things with us. I really look forward to your posts.

    1. SO TRUE, monica! we are definitely not perfect but seeing all the “professional” bloggers out there accentuates my feelings of imperfection. But then like I said, I do this for fun and not for profit or as part of my “brand” identity. xo

  2. Awww I think you look adorable! I love the necklace! I know exactly how you feel though, some of mine are REAAAALLY bad. I tend to get crazy eyes – which is why I also tend to wear sunglasses. Lol!

    1. Thanks my dear. Your crazy eyes comment made me LOL, literally. I totally understand though. If I don’t smile at the camera, I look like a chubby serial killer. No really. You are too cute!

  3. You really are your ‘own worst judge’ doll, I think all the pics you took in this incredible outfit are hot … just look at that gorgeous dress, heels and all the accessories … and that adorable smile … I say totally hot! Kissesssss

  4. Yes, we all have those days! I’ve found that the longer I’ve been blogging, the less often I have those days…but I still have them! You’re right though, who really cares? This isn’t Vogue magazine! Love that striped dress on you!

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