happy friday! summery dress + high heels

Here I am again trying to wear my summery dresses before it’s too late for the season. I felt very “resort-chic” in this dress, probably because of the shoulder-bearing sleeves + heels.

Speaking of heels, I found out yesterday after years of back pain, that I have 2 bulging discs in my lower back. I am not sure what this will mean for me, although I understand that many many people have them and go on to live normal lives. But I am weary that high heels will make the discs worse, so I’ve decided to wear them only very sparingly.

IMG_1639 IMG_1645

Outfit Details:
Dress: En Focus Studios, thrifted $5
Shoes: Sole Society Elisa pump, join HERE!
Necklace: nautical charm necklace, ebay $4
Bracelets: all thrifted
Plus my Pyrex again!

HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY and a wonderful weekend!


19 thoughts on “happy friday! summery dress + high heels

    1. thanks Pam 🙂 and yeah, I always knew I had back issues because of the constant stiffness and intermittent pain, but I never would have guessed bulging discs. I really thought I had arthritis because I was having other problems and it runs in my family. Oh well, we’ll figure things out and avoid super duper high heels;)

  1. Beautiful heels! Back pain is the worst! I had a herniated disk in my lower back that required surgery. I’ve heard mixed things from people about surgery (and other treatment options), but mine is so mch better now! Good luck with your recovery hun!

    1. Oh wow – you’re so young to have had a herniated disc. I am glad you’re better though. I am such a baby so I know I’d like to avoid surgery because I’m not great with recoveries,LOL. I’m hoping the physical therapy helps;) xo

  2. You look lovely in this … and I’m sorry to hear of your back problems. A few people in my family have this and they say that the right exercises (to strengthen the back and core) make a huge difference. I’m sure your doctor will know what the best thing is for you; just wanted to reassure you it doesn’t always mean drastic measures.

    1. Hi Jo! thank you so much for the kind and reassuring words. I have an appointment with my orthopedic dr. this coming friday and look forward to a plan of action – I am fairly certain the some physical therapy will be involved. I have had it before and I really loved the machine that gives you very slight shocks…I loved that one! haha!

    1. Thank you Miranda 🙂 Yeah, not sure what’s in my future but I know I will be doing as much physical therapy as I can until the end of the year (when my deductible starts over for my health insurance). I’m meeting with an orthopedic dr. to discuss it further. :):)

    1. oops, should have put my glasses on…nope heels and bulging discs don’t mix – time to send them to me!!! Hubby had surgery years ago and he still has to be careful with how he moves.

      1. What size shoe do you wear? I am hearing that more and more people have had this surgery or similar issues. I saw the doctor on Friday and they didn’t even talk to me about it! They thought I was just there to talk about my tendonitis (which I was, but not exclusively). Ugh. I guess I will try and start physical therapy soon. Meanwhile, I must avoid anything that causes discomfort.

      2. I am comfortable in a 9. Yes, back pain is the worse, hubby has been suffering for years and it’s no joke. Wear comfortable shoes no matter how they look! Maybe you can work on a shoe line….

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