blazer love + new booties

I love blazers and now that it’s cooling down (just a tad) in NC, I’ll take every opportunity to wear them. Even if they’re a little more “springy” – ie. this floral print one.

Also, behold my new booties, from the LUXE line at JustFab. I wanted to give them a quick review for readers out there that are considering them.
IMG_1708 IMG_1710

JustFab Remington bootie review (from their LUXE line):
Style: I love the casual chic look of this bootie. Simply, classic, no frills. 5/5

Fit: this is my “beef” with these shoes and justfab in general. They don’t make a size 9.5 WHICH IS DUMB. I wear a 9 in open toed and 9.5 in closed toed shoes (I have wide feet) generally. I had to size all the way up to a 10 in the Remington booties and so of course they are a tab bit loose. And being real suede, they are stretching. I would have really preferred a size 9.5.  3/5.

Comfort: They are pretty comfortable. Would have liked a tad bit more padding in the insole and less of a slippery sole but honestly, I wore them for like 9 hours and they were very comfy. 4/5

Color: Looks like clay. At least it’s a neutral color.  3/5.

Quality: Hard to tell at this point but I sprayed suede protector on the suede to make it last. The suede seems to be in nice shape and I hope it stays that way. I’ll go ahead and rate it 5/5 even though it might need to be reevaluated with more wear.

Price: while shoes from the JustFab Luxe line are a little pricier than their general selection, I think it’s totally worth it because the use genuine leather and suede. I am not a huge fan of synthetic materials because they tend to rub my feet and also smell. Not bad for $59 (plus they were offering a $10 off coupon)

Overall: I like them but I’d like them a lot more if they were a size 9.5! COME ON JUST FAB, make your shoes in 9.5!!! 3.5-4/5


Outfit Details:

Blazer: LOFT floral blazer, thrifted $3.59
Top: LOFT grey print tank blouse, thrifted $3.59
Necklace: turquoise bubble necklace, gift
Scarf: egyptian scarf, gift from mom
Pants: Ralph Lauren skinny jeans, thrifted $3.59
Shoes: JustFab Luxe Remington in Taupe. [NOT A MEMBER? JOIN HERE PLEASE]
Bag: Coach Willis vintage bag, thrifted $26


24 thoughts on “blazer love + new booties

    1. I hate having to be a “member” – that’s how they get me! LOL. And is there anything better than thrifting treasures? I have been mainly thrifting house goods and staying away from clothes – I have too many – but I’m sure I won’t be able to stay away for too long, heehee.

    1. they do make other half sizes, 9.5 is the only left out – how weird is that?! And I emailed customer service about this and they said “just buy a size 10” – umm hello?! would you wear a size 12 clothes and buy a size 14 because there’s no size 12 and it doesn’t fit quite right. NO! you’re paying good money for those clothes/shoes and you expect them to fit. oh well. thanks for the sweet comments. :):)

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