can’t get enough…denim vests

Here I am once again wearing a denim vest. I think the reason why I’m so obsessed with vests after so many years of swearing them off as “too 90s” is that they’re practical! I have chubby arms and often like the layering effects of jackets or blazers but dislike how my arms feel like sausages busting out of casings.

Enter the vest (denim or really any material). Great for layering, offers some warmth, some casual stylin’, matches many different styles, and easy to obtain or produce.

What do you think of this trend? How would you wear (or not wear) a denim vest?

denim vest + dress + flats denim vest + dress + flats denim vest + dress + flats denim vest + dress + flats
Outfit Details:
Vest: Gap jean jacket that I cut the arms off of [no sewing just scissors], thrifted $4.59
Dress: Merona from Target navy print & ruffle dress, hand me down from friend FREE
Belt: NY&Co. OLD
Necklace + Earrings: vintage nautical, thrifted $2, earrings are vintage too
Shoes: Strange tictactoe navy dance flats, thrifted $5


9 thoughts on “can’t get enough…denim vests

  1. layering in general just adds so much interest to any outfit. Vests are great for when it’s too hot to wear sleeves, and yes, the added bonus is that they allow a little more freedom of movement. Very cute!

  2. Have 3 denim jackets hanging in my closet now. In less than an hour, one will be a vest! Thanks for the inspiration!

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