thrift style thursdays – shorts for fall

Hi dearies,

Today I am linking up with Zhenya of BeingZhenya and Martyna of Spoolish to bring you a Thrift Style Thursday post – the “how to style shorts for fall” edition.

thrift style thursdays - shorts for fallFirst let me start by saying that I am not a shorts person. I don’t like them.  I have chubby, stubby legs and I don’t like showing too much of them. I don’t think they look good on me. I have 1 pair of khaki shorts (for when it’s super hot in the summer) and 1 pair of black bermuda short and I hardly ever wear either.

But when I was invited to join the Thrift Style Thursday linkup by Zhenya and Martyna, I couldn’t say no. Plus, I really wanted to think outside of my fashion comfort zone and try something new.

So, there’s the result…how to style shorts for fall. Here’s the fashion formula I was going for. I think this look can really work for any body style and budget. Curvy gals like me shouldn’t necessarily avoid shorts.

1. black or dark colored shorts +
2. Tights or fishnets (for added warmth) +
3. Loose blouse +
4. Jacket or blazer +
5. Heels or a pair of comfy booties (here I show you both, but I only wore the booties to work)
= Super cute chic look for fall (for the office, school, dinner, etc)

thrift style thursdays - shorts for fall thrift style thursdays - shorts for fall thrift style thursdays - shorts for fall thrift style thursdays - shorts for fall

What do you think of this look? I hope you like it and I’d love to see my readers’ takes on wearing shorts for fall. Please share!


Outfit Details:
Jacket: Old Vivienne Vivienne Tam crop blazer, ideeli clearance for about $15
Shorts: Really Old Mossimo bermuda shorts from Target, couldn’t have cost more than $20 [I did cuff them a little bit so they don’t look so long]
Tights: Extra large fishnets, free sample from work
Shoes: Heels: Old LC Lauren Conrad from Kohls, Booties: Remington from JustFab (new)
Top: The Limited chevron blouse, clearance $11
Bag: Vintage Coach Willis, thrifted $26
Jewelry: Necklace from Egypt, bangles all thrifted for about $2 each
Cat: Ulysses, priceless


26 thoughts on “thrift style thursdays – shorts for fall

    1. HAHA – your comment totally cracked me up. You’re right, it’s really not that bad. I think many of us women look into the mirror and think “I hate this about my body” etc etc and when others look at us, they don’t see our imperfections at all. I am the same way. I absolutely hate my legs (so much so that I’ve been considering getting a little bit of lypo). I am trying hard to be OK with the perceived imperfections. Thanks for your sweet comments, they really do help. xoxoxo

    1. Aw thank you my dear. The black and white ones were from Khol’s department store. Sadly they are no longer available. The boots are from and they’re still available! xo

    1. thank you!!! I am so glad I got to join the fun and i can’t wait to do it again next week. My vintage coach bags are my obsession (other than my vintage glassware)…When I see one at the thrift store, I have a hard time leaving without it. hehe. xo

      1. maybe take a short dress or a summery dress and style it up for fall? One of the most frustrating things about having so many dresses is that I hate waiting so long to wear my shorter, floral dresses again. Although I live in NC and we do have a mild winter, it can still be too cold to wear a short dress like we do in summer. What do you think?

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