september 2013 fashion budget

I have decided to jump on the bandwagon! I like the idea of having a monthly budget to keep me on track, accountable, and hopefully also keep me from spending too much.

Coach Willis Bag

I guess September will be known as “the month I bought 2 expensive vintage Coach bags because I’m obsessed.”

Here’s what I bought this month:

  1. Vintage Coach Willis Bag in Black$26 {pictured} from thrift store
  2. Vintage Coach Willis Bag in Camel – $58 from thrift storeย ย  {way more than I wanted to spend but I couldn’t leave her there}
  3. Leotard / bodysuit to wear under shirts – $20 [it didn’t fit right and Modnique wouldn’t let me return it even though it had a small hole, so I gave it to a friend. Don’t buy from Modnique, their customer service sucks]
  4. J. Crew striped tank top$4 from thrift store
  5. Gap Jean Jacket that I turned into denim vest – $5 from thrift store
  6. Old Navy polka dot tee$4 from thrift store
  7. JustFab Remington bootie – $52.43 after $10 coupon minus $40 credit = about $12.50
  8. Brass skeleton key for a key necklace, $12 from antique fair
  9. Navy Blue flats$5 from thrift store

TOTAL = $146.50 wow, it sure does add up quickly.

Confession: I spent the majority of my extra money on Pyrex and I’m embarrassed to admit how much!!! It was definitely an unusual spending month though and I hope to NOT spend that much on Pyrex every month. Follow me on Instagram @kittehluvs to see my collection

What about you, dear readers, anyone else out there keeping track of their spending this way?

PS. check out the budgeting bloggers linkup on the Franish blog!


18 thoughts on “september 2013 fashion budget

    1. I have told myself that my budget for clothes and “me” things such as pyrex is $200 per month. September went WAY over budget if you include all the pyrex goodies. Here’s to hoping October is on track!

  1. I think you made your money go far based on the whole list of goodies you found. I probably end up spending twice as much every month. Dang, I think I should consider a fashion budget, lol. BTW…I love the black Coach classic.

    1. I really think this fashion budget is helping me visualize what I spend my money on. Not too bad considering I got 2 purses but still way over budget. But I blame that on my Pyrex addiction. You should do it an join the linkup on Franish blog.

  2. I don’t even want to know how much I spend on clothes. *LE SIGH creating a budget would only force me to realize that so it’s obvious that I must. Love the purse! oo em gee I just got a vintage purse on my lunch break similar to this style, I can already tell I’ll be wearing the straps off it. It’s so timeless.

    1. vintage purses are so amazing, IMO. I have a handful of them and wear them a lot more than any of my “new” ones. You should definitely join the budgeting bloggers group! This is my first month but really I had no idea that I had spent that much! eeek!

  3. Yay, I’m so glad you joined the budgeting bloggers movement! Purchases definitely add up quickly, but it’s so interesting to look back every month and really notice what you’re actually purchasing. And PS the Coach bags were totally worth it!

    1. You’re not kidding when you say stuff adds up. It’s really surprising how quickly that happens (and a little embarrassing! hah). Yeah I love my vintage bags so I’m ok with spending a little extra on bags. Ps. So far so good this month, I’ve kept but spending pretty darn low!

  4. Thanks for the customer service heads up! Shopping isn’t usually where I have my pitfalls. I like cooking, but I also like eating out at nice places. I also like cocktails. I cannot drink beer, so mixed drinks is it, and it’s a lot better to send $10+ on a well made cocktail than $7 on a watered down one. But it does add up.

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