convertible dress – casual style

In the world of Sandpaper Kisses Blog, convertible dresses are pretty popular. My posts on these types of dresses usually garner the highest or second-highest clicks on the entire blog. So it saddened me that my once red hot convertible dress obsession had fizzed a little.

Why? Mostly because they’re hard to wear at work. They’re sometimes too “dressy” for my office environment and I have very few nice functions to attend. But that’s not really an excuse because you can transform this dress, with a few of the right casual accessories, into its non-soiree equivalent.

And of course since I’m obsessed with denim vests, you’ll be seeing it in this post too. Don’t know what I was doing with my scarf, it looks odd.

lime green von vonni transformer dress + denim vest

lime green von vonni transformer dress + denim vest lime green von vonni transformer dress Hope you’re all having a great weekend, dearies!


Outfit Details:
Dress: lime green Von Vonni short transformer dress, ideeli
Vest: Used to be a Gap jeans jacket (I cut the sleeves off), thrifted $4.59
Shoes: Lands End ballet flats, thrifted $5
Scarf: Old Navy scarf, Old


20 thoughts on “convertible dress – casual style

    1. hi Beth, these types of dresses seem to work great on all body types. There are some manufacturers that make plus size and some that don’t. Either way, I recommend them (or you can even make your own, I have read online that it’s easy). I have them in several lengths and several colors.

      thanks for stopping by:)

    1. They’re going to LOVE them! I have worn 2 of these types of dresses as a matron of honor to 2 weddings and they were SUCH a big hit! Plus it’ the type of dress that won’t sit in your closet collecting dust, It’s wearable in so many different ways, even as a skirt! And the bottoms are usually not hemmed so they can be cut to fit. xo

      1. Exactly! The three girls are very different shapes, but I think these will look great on all four of them. We’re even going with a mini version for the flower girl with a petticoat underneath. I bought a red one for myself so we’d have one to try out and play with!

    1. hahaha I love how you worded that. I am a BIG fan of these dresses. I feel like you’d look great in one too – and they come in so many different colors, regardless of which manufacturer.

  1. You look so pretty in this color! I’ve always wanted one of those convertible dresses, but I had a friend who ordered one and said that there are very few ways to wear it without your bra showing. Do you find that to be the case? I love how you wore it in the first picture with the denim vest…I suppose if anything you can always put a vest or jacket over it!

    1. thank you Dahhhling. Yes, they’re great dresses but you have to be aware of their limitations. If you have a regular bra that you can take the straps and make them cross in the back or make them into halter straps, you might have better luck with styling. That plus a strapless bra. But yes, I do feel like the back is an issue because there’s nothing there that covers your back at all, so if you’re wearing a regular strap bra, the best thing is to wear a jacket or vest over it. I feel uncomfortable going totally strapless, even with a bra, because my girls are so big. I have to do a post showing all the ways you can wear a convertible dress with a regular bra! that way you can decide if they’re worth the investment:) xo

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