thrift style thursdays – plaid

thrift style thursday - plaid
OK this might be a shock to some of my readers but – I do not have any plaid in my closet. That’s right, NONE. Maybe because I wore a lot of plaid in the 90s and got really sick of it? I don’t know, really.

The closest I could find without going out and buying something was a jacket that I had purchased for my mom, that she ended up not wanting, that I was going to consign.

My idea with this outfit was that you could wear plaid with another print and not worry about clashing. What do you all think?

Here goes…
thrift style thursday - plaid thrift style thursday - plaid thrift style thursday - plaidWow, I look really tired in these pictures, and I’m trying not to draw attention to a massive cold sore on my lip. That’s what happens when you fly to Los Angeles for a long weekend I guess – you get worn out!

Hope you’re all having a great Thursday!

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Outfit details:
Jacket: plaid? plaid-like? Classiques Entier belted jacket, thrifted $4.59
Top: ECI printed top, thrifted $3.59
Jeans: David Kahn flared jeans, ebay (old)
Shoes: Cole Haan pumps, consignment store (I didn’t wear them to work though, I opted for sneakers)
Necklace: consignment store. bracelets, thrifted
Bag: Hobo international, hand me down from family friend


17 thoughts on “thrift style thursdays – plaid

  1. Plaid is supposed to be the “it” item for the fall so I guess we both need to hit GW or a consignment shop because I don’t think I have any plaid either!!! Glad you had a safe trip, and I hope you get some rest this weekend.

  2. I am definitely feeling weird about finally being old enough to repeat trends. I remember wearing a lot of plaid back in the day too, but I think I’m ok with embracing it again. In small, careful amounts 😀 Anyway, super jacket, looks good on you!

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