operation clean closet

Over the past few weeks, I had developed a serious disdain and anxiety over how messy my closet closets had become. I had my purses all over the closet floor, shoes everywhere, coats strewn all over the coat tree, and dust bunnies the size of my cats. Yesterday I decided enough was enough and I spent several hours organizing and cleaning my closets.

My biggest problem area was the purses, I didn’t have a proper place to store them and didn’t have all of them in one area/closet. I didn’t want to spend any money on a closet organization system or shelves because eventually I want to invest in a legitimate organizational system from Ikea. Because our house was built in 1961, it lacks the modern walk-in closet. So I know I have to make the most of the small closets that we do have.

here’s what I ended up with. I took 2 plastic bins/storage boxes that I already had, turned them on their side, and used them as “purse cubbies” on the top shelf in the closet:

closet organizationSorry, I should have taken a BEFORE photo!

Here is my “dress” closet before, with all the shoes and stuff all over the floor. WHAT A MESS!

closet organization beforeAnd here’s AFTER (The top shelf is still a mess but at least it’s out of the way):

closet organization afterHere’s the hall closet where I keep most of my winter and rain coats and jackets. I hung most of my coats up and put up my carry-on luggage on the top shelf:

closet organization afterMy closets are definitely a work in progress but right now I’m very happy to have all the clutter off the floor and have a dedicated place for my purses.

Now I’m wondering if any of you have any issues with closet organization and what solutions you have or use! Please share your ideas below!




24 thoughts on “operation clean closet

      1. They get donated to the Red Cross so they can either sell them in their charity shops or donate them to developing nations. Anything that can’t be sold gets recycled into new H&M clothes! 🙂

  1. Gurl this is neat in comparison to what I am dealing with. I need to replace the broken rack in my closet but hubby won’t do it, I think he is waiting for me to purge. In the meantime clothes are laid on the bed in the spare bedroom – lol!

    1. Ahhh! I don’t think I could handle having my clothes all over the guest bedroom! time to purge! I also need to do more purging but I have a problem letting go of clothes, even ones I only wear 1x a year.

  2. Looks good! I have to share a closet the size of your dress closet with my husband, who is a total fashionista and has a billion shirts. I don’t even get any of the closet space in our second bedroom because he uses it for his clothing company. Lol!

    1. Abbi, you are amazing. I would NOT be able to do that. I would tell my hubby he needs to get an armoire or something, because I’m taking the WHOLE closet. My hubby uses one of the guest room closets and has his dresser in there too. I have 2 dressers and my 2 closets in the master bedroom. Even though we both have smaller closets than modern houses, I feel like they could be organized better. Like, if I reorganized mine, I could fit 2 bars in it and be able to hang more stuff.

  3. I totally do – every couple months I have to do a full on clean-out to make sure I still love every piece in my closet. After I do the clean-out, getting dressed is easy for like 2 weeks before the cycle starts over again! lol

    1. Yep, that’s EXACTLY what I need to do. I do my cleanouts once a season at the very most, which isn’t the best idea because then things get really bad. I have realized that it’s a lot harder to get dressed when you have TOO MANY clothes than if you have a moderate but good amount.

      1. Me too. There are days I wish I could purge my clothes down to the basics and a few extras, but there’s no way I can do that. To get rid of clothes that I love just for the sake of getting rid of them seems wrong too. I feel trapped!

  4. My husband is a pack rat, and so all our closets are overflowing with old, unwearable stuff that he won’t let me get rid of. I go through my stuff every so often and repurpose or donate stuff. My two girls’ closets I go through and sell or donate or cut squares for a quilt I’m planning from their old stuff. But hubby? Nope. He won’t let anything go. Sigh. Your closets look so much better. I know how good it feels to have them cleaned up!

    1. I feel much better having them clean, yes, totally! I kind of know how you feel, although on a level that’s maybe not as severe, but I do have problems letting go of things. I develop emotional attachments to inanimate objects then freak out when I have to get rid of them. I’ve been working on myself with my husband’s help because I know how much this behavior has hurt my mom, who is just about a full blown pack rat. She will suffer through carrying and packing and paying to store so many useless things, because she can’t bare to be separated from them. I hope that you can slowly get your husband to at least get rid of a tiny bit of stuff, because every little bit makes a difference. Slowly working on that aspect of my life has made me realize how “heavy” clutter can be – not literally – but figuratively weighing you down and making your every day tasks harder.

  5. You did such a great job organizing your closets! I totally feel your pain though. I have been working on The Great Closest Purge of 2013 for like a month now! I need to find a few hours to set aside and just get it done like you! I will say though that most of my stuff is pretty organized. I love the idea of using the bins as purse cubbies! I have a small shelving system from Target with fabric bins that I use for organizing my clutches/small bags, belts, and scarves. I never know what to do with my bigger bags though!

    1. cubbies would be GREAT, except I am cheap and was looking for a solution that would cost $0, LOL. The Great Closet Purge continues though, I need to get rid of more stuff. One day, I’ll work on an awesome Ikea closet organization system. We were at Ikea on Saturday and I drooled a lot! hehe.

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