thrift style thursdays – grey!

thrift style thursday - wearing grey

wearing the knitted scarf my friend Betsy made for me

thrift style thursday - wearing grey thrift style thursday - wearing grey thrift style thursday - wearing greyGrey (or Gray – I never know which spelling to use) is one of my favorite neutrals, so it is kind of a surprise to me that I don’t have more grey in my closet!

I really think you can wear grey with ANY color – here I decided to go with black/white/grey in the skirt and burgundy/oxblood jacket. I find that it works for warmer months accented with neons and pastels too.

What do you think of grey? Is it a part of your color palate?

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Outfit Details
Tank: Banana republic, thrifted $3.59
Cardigan: The Limited, old
Jacket: Nautica velour jacket, thrifted $4.59
Skirt: Etcetera velour skirt, thrifted $4.59
Tights: really old, gift from mom
Shoes: Cole Haan loafers, hand me down
Scarf: made by friend
Necklace: Scene Stealer from Jewelmint


32 thoughts on “thrift style thursdays – grey!

    1. oh my goodness, I had NO IDEA how nice and pricey etcetera clothes are! I just looked them up after reading your comment. I wish I could afford them, then I would go check out a trunk show. xo

  1. Adorable as always! I don’t really know the correct spelling either (I think I’ve always assumed gray was more ‘American’, and grey was more ‘European’, that not true at all, I guess just how my mind used to work lol

    1. Thanks! I love the jacket! It was such a great find because even though the size on the jacket isn’t my size, it fits great and its stretchy so I can wear it with layers and actually be able to move my arms. xo

  2. You are absolutely adorable in this gray/grey outfit – I don’t know which is the correct spelling either. I am so proud of you and will keep you in my daily prayers. Have a fantastic evening/night!!!

  3. I’m a big fan of grey. It’s as versatile as black but not as hard. I think the burgundy looks lovely with the grey here.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, a while back I thought grey only looked good on blondes, which is silly, because it looks great on everyone. And oxblood/burgundy is one of my favorite winter/fall colors so there ya go!

  4. I think gray is my favorite color! I seriously wear it all the time – I agree that it goes with anything! And I never know how to spell it either 🙂

    1. Thank you dear! I am so glad we’ve all worked on this series together – it’s so fun. And TOTALLY – thrifting is awesome and a definite MUST for any thrifty fashionista! xo

  5. I just wanted to say thanks for the support on my blog! I’ve always enjoyed seeing your thrift store finds! This outfit is beautiful! I love the red color of the jacket!

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