thrift style thursday – happy halloween!

thrift-style-thursday-halloween-costume-flapperfancy-flapper IMG_1956 IMG_1957 IMG_1958 IMG_1959 IMG_1960 IMG_1961fancy-flapper2
I didn’t have a clue what to wear until I realized that my photographer friend Rachel’s Gatsby photoshoot was this weekend and that I could use Halloween to test out hair, makeup, and outfits. Also, we found out that 2 of our models couldn’t make it, so I have to fill in as a model, which will be fun but scary!

So, here I am, all dressed up as a flapper, fancy 1920s lady for my work Halloween contest. I didn’t win like last year (our group costume won 2nd place) but that’s ok because I had a great time. By the way, styling long hair like this (finger waves) is a LOT harder than it looks. The make up wasn’t too bad, I even penciled in my eyebrows to make them appear longer and thinner.


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Costume Details:
Dress: J crew factory ruffled dress, thrifted $14 (it was new with tags!)
Lace + fringe overlay thing: thrifted $5
Fur Coat: Borrowed from my mother in law
Shoes: Naturalizer t-straps, old
Long Beaded fringe necklace: auction
Gloves: Borrowed from my mother in law
Earrings: Forever 21, old
Headpiece with feather: made by me from scraps and feathers
Lace Pantyhose: Anne Klein, Marshalls $10 for a pack of 2 [these are really cheaply made, I would not recommend them]


54 thoughts on “thrift style thursday – happy halloween!

    1. Thanks Miche! I have been collecting stuff for a Gatsby photoshoot since September so I had stuff ready to go, which really helped. You know how thrifting is – you can’t rush it! xoxo

    1. hi Jackline! You should totally steal this idea! start planning for next year and when you’re doing your regular thrifting runs, be on the lookout for dresses, jewelry, etc etc. thanks so much for the kind words! xo

  1. Wow, just look at you – I think you could have been a flapper in your previous life – absolutely gorgeous. I hope you entered a costume contest because you are a winner hands down!!

    1. Thanks so much Antionette! I did do the costume contest at work but did not win, that’s OK though, because it was a lot of fun to dress up and parade in front of my coworkers. And we’re doing it again tomorrow for our fun photoshoot. I like to ‘play dress-up’ πŸ™‚ xoxo

    1. thank you dahling! Yes, I totally know what you mean. You need a fur, they keep you warm. It’s still spring weather here in NC so I didn’t really even need the pantyhose to stay warm. xox

    1. I’m so glad you liked it! Honestly, I was disappointed by the whole dress shopping experience. It’s so hard to find a flapper-style dress (with beading, must have beading) for my size 14 self. But maybe I can continue to look, I’d really love to find a beautiful dress like yours! xo

  2. Love the fur coat. You are a high-class flapper… you look like you walked right out of the 20’s. I don’t seem to have luck at thrift stores. I think maybe you have a better eye than I do.

    1. hi Cherie! My tips for thrift stores is GO OFTEN. I mean, go to like 3-5 thrift stores every week, and don’t get discouraged if you don’t find anything….keep going and look through every shelf. Those are my tricks. Patience will usually reward you with some good stuff! also, have an idea of what you want (not very specific). That’s how I’ve found so many things (plus I’ve been shopping for Gatsby stuff for months). Thanks so much for stopping by

  3. I missed seeing this earlier – just had to tell you how great you looked! Very authentic. And I love the serious portrait photo. What a wonderful shot! Well done!

    1. Thanks so much, Jo! This was so fun and I actually ended up doing it twice – once for Halloween and once for a photoshoot with my photographer friend Rachel. Those pictures should be on the blog at the end of the month or beginning of December… I sure do hope they turned out well!

  4. You look AMAZING! You seriously rocked it girl. I have always wanted to try pin curls but now I probably never will sense you say it’s a pain in the behind. But your hair looks so good!

      1. Thanks so much! You still have to try pin curls. Here’s why: as you know, I have very curly hair. But when I straighten it and curl it again, it gets very flat and doesn’t want to hold curl. Very weird I know, but that’s what happened. I bet if you tried it, it might not be as bad. πŸ™‚ I’d love to see that style on you, honestly, I think your lips really suit that 20s lipstick style πŸ™‚

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