october 2013 fashion budget

What I got this month:
1. NY&Co. printed dress
2. Express flowy blouse
3. Ann Taylor necklace
= all free because I had a consignor credit

4. 2 pair Cole Haan loafers
5. Privo by Clarks boots
6. Eileen Fisher slacks
7. Hobo International Purse
8. Brahmin Purse
9. Bagdley Mischka Purse
=all free hand-me-downs from mother in law via family friends

7. Vintage Dooney $25 from ebay
8. Annalee + Hope shrug $7 from thrift store (nwt)
9. Leopard Print vest, $3.59 from thrift store
10. Gap mustard polka dot skirt, $3.59 from thrift store
11. Vintage tie/scarf, $1.39 from thrift store
12. Vintage Coach bag, $13 from thrift store
13. Old Navy cat print blouse, $3.59 from thrift store
14. Michael Michael Kors blouse, $29 (clearance) from Marshalls
15. Underthings + stockings, $18 from Marshalls
16. I also got a beautiful cobalt blue Tahari ASL pant suit from IDEELI. I had a $75 credit and was able to buy the suit + pay for shipping for just $19.94. BUT there was a problem, even though I ordered my regular size, the pants won’t fit. SO, I’m not sure I’m going to keep the suit, it might be going back. (returned)
=total ~$125

**Spent about $45 on craft items, dresses etc, and makeup/hair stuff for a themed photoshoot my friend Rachel are working on (pictures will be up late November:))

I think I did pretty well in October, I got LOTS of cool new things and didn’t spend as much as September. I also spent $0 on pyrex and very little on decorations/items for the home. Stayed under my goal of $150 per month!

I am also proud of myself that I GOT RID OF TONS of clothes AND house stuff that I am no longer using (donated them, of course). There’s no point in holding onto so many things, many of which go unloved. Let someone else love them for a chance! *that’s what I tell myself*

What about you, how did you do with your October budget (if you are part of Budgeting Bloggers)?

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31 thoughts on “october 2013 fashion budget

  1. That cobalt blazer is SICK! I love it!

    I am a big believer in clearing down your closet and getting rid of things that don’t fit or just aren’t you anymore. Set it free into the world and let someone else enjoy it!

    1. I have been looking for a cobalt blazer for MONTHS and I was so stoked to find one (well, a suit) but the pants totally don’t fit and so I don’t know whether to keep the jacket and try to sell the pants?? Not sure. I need to clear out some more stuff…I still have too much.

    1. thanks darling! I am focusing (well, TRYING) on buying only “classic” and professional wardrobe basics. That way I avoid buying super trendy pieces that I only wear once. This goes for thrifting too, unless I find something that just blows my mind.

  2. You did a really great job shopping this month! And since you didn’t spend a lot in September, I think it’s perfectly fine that you got a few extra things in Oct 🙂

    1. Hi Ashley! September was BAD (well, not clothes, but I spent over $200 on pyrex ALONE) haha! Not sure if you know what that is, but I collect pyrex. They’re vintage glass bowls, plates, cups, and baking dishes that come in all sorts of bright colors. And I’m an addict. I am trying to slowly ween myself down from $200/month for clothes and shoes etc. to $100 per month. And I want to limit myself to $25/month on housewares. We’ll see.

    1. hi Miranda! great thrifting finds + awesome hand-me-downs this month. I still can’t believe my MIL was able to get me the Brahmin handbag from our friends. They didn’t want it anymore and it’s like a $300+ bag. SCORE! 🙂

  3. Absolutely let someone else love them! Did you know that some thrift stores will even recycle clothes they can’t sell? And you can actually recycle fabric, too, through this company I found online (but have not used; just search for Donate Stuff, I think that’s what it’s called). I wish I could get my husband to get rid of some stuff! he’s such a pack rat. You did a great job sticking to your goal this month.

    1. I looked up Donate Stuff and it seems like a wonderful idea! I try and donate 99% of clothes and shoes. The only fabric I throw away is underthings (lol). I have fond memories of fabric recycling scraps and the things you can make from the scraps. I grew up in Cairo, Egypt where folks would make rugs, handbags, etc. made from colorful fabric scraps. No reason to throw it away when they can be recycled into beautiful things 😉

    1. I LOVE vintage dooney and coach bags. They workmanship can’t be beat! I am proud of my budgeting this month…join us next month! it’s only the 4th of November so you can go ahead and keep track 🙂 🙂

  4. okay let me see…I’ll take the…. just teasing but these are great finds/buys my dear and excellent budget busting methods! I love the Colbalt blue blazer which would look great with a black and white stripped dress or skirt.

    1. thank you my dear Antionette! I don’t know what to do with this blazer. I also love the blazer but it’s part of a pantsuit. And the pants do not fit 😦 don’t know whether I should return or what??

  5. Nout, if you ever get bored of the vintage Dooney and Burke you know where to sent it. lol, great finds. I love thrifting, you can find some great stuff for cheap.

    1. I love thrifting soooo much! ahh! I do have a vintage Dooney replica. I know, I know, replica. BUT it’s vintage and pretty awesome and in perfect condition AND it comes with a matching wallet/organizer. I love it but it’s too small for my favorite Kate Spade wallet, so I’ve only used it once. LMK if you’re interested cause it’s just sitting in my closet being lonely. ❤

      1. Ohh girl you should splurge on something real good!

        And I totally feel ya on the thighs…I bought some jeans on final sale that are too tight and I can’t decide if I should diet or just try to sell them. Ha!

      2. I don’t know about you but my thighs don’t listen to diet. They’re big and they’re staying unless I opt for lipo. I say sell. Or do you think you can take them to a tailor and have him or her let it out a bit? not sure if they’re worth the cost.

      3. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do. Technically they button and zip, and they’re stretchy, but a bit too tight for my liking. I don’t ever diet so I don’t know what would happen to my thighs, haha!

      4. Have you tried washing them and then while they’re wet, stretch them out using your hands (don’t dry them in the dryer, hang dry)?

        I wish I could say the same about not dieting, but a few years ago I went (mainly) low carb to control my ballooning waistline – it works for me when I stick to it. It’s funny how people are so different genetically because I am still chubby/curvy but my waist is a lot smaller. Gotta embrace it 🙂

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