thrift style thursday – hats!

thrift style thursday hats!thrift style thursday hats! thrift style thursday hats! thrift style thursday hats! thrift style thursday hats! thrift style thursday hats!thrift style thursday hats!

I used to be a HUGE fan of hats! In high school, I wore them quite often to school. I even wore beanies in college (who didn’t? LOL).

Fast forward many many years and I basically stopped wearing hats. I have been working in an office since graduating college, and I don’t need hats to keep warm since I’m indoors. But you don’t have to wear hats for warmth, you can wear them for style! I forgot that concept.

I love hats, but my favorite styles are fedoras and cloches. I wanted to wear my amazing cloche for today’s post but the weather was much too warm to wear a felt hat! Come on, winter! let’s do this!

Are you a hat person? what kind of hats do you like to wear (if at all)?

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Outfit Details:
Hat: gift from my mom from about 12 years ago
Top: Forever 21 sheer tie-neck blouse, old
Tank: Old Navy, old
Pants: David Kahn black skinny jeans, clearance ideeli
Shoes: Old hand me down cowboy boots
Bag: Vintage Dooney, ebay $25
Vest: Vintage Leopard Print vest, thrifted $3.59


22 thoughts on “thrift style thursday – hats!

    1. LOL! thanks Z. You should check out ebay and see if you can get one. Sometimes you come across a really good deal on vintage bags, other times sellers want way too much $$ for them.

    1. Thanks Martyna! I like to think of myself as spunky for sure. With mixing patterns, I just went for it. It seems like style now allows for various pattern mixing successfully without seeing it as clashing 🙂

  1. I thought I commented already but maybe it didn’t go through 😦 Anyways I’ll just repeat myself because I ❤ this outfit. So much. Especially the hat, leopard vest and the BOOTS. Awesome job 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Justine! I was so excited to find this leopard vest! You’d think it would look silly but since leopard print is so big this fall I figured why not? xoxo

  2. Cute hat! And I love the leopard scarf. Hats really seem to suit me but I never end up buying them. I think it’s hat hair phobia!

    1. Thanks Abbi! yeah I can see hair phobia getting in the way…maybe just start with a knit hat for winter – when your head is warm and toasty, you won’t mind if your hair is a little flat =)

    1. I bet you have the most amazing hat collection – to go with your unique shoes and handbags! Thanks so much for the kind words, Rebecca. I really enjoyed your latest blog post 😉

    1. that cat is a barrel of laughs! he acts like a baby and wakes us up at the crack of dawn every morning, playing with his toy mouse and running all over us. But I love him, what can I say. xoxo

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