november 2013 fashion budget

It’s December already which usually means it’s time to evaluate my November fashion budget! My goal for November was to stay under $100…let’s see how I did (shopping mostly at Goodwill and another local thrift store).

1. Phillip Lim skirt, on clearance at Target for $15
2. Vintage Coach cream crossbody bag $10
3. Cole Haan slingbacks $10 (I know they’re heels but they’re sensible heels)
4. Hobo International wristlet $6
5. Leopard print velour scarf, $1.39
6. Vintage typewriter keys bracelet, $1.98
7. Leopard Velour blazer, $15
8. Donna Morgan dotted dress, $4.59
9. Jones New York safari shirt, $3.59
10. Lands End tie front tee, $3.59
11. Tory Burch clog sandals, $4.59
12. Nine West polka dot satin blouse, $3.59
13. Ann Taylor LOFT satin blouse, $3.59
14. Lucky Brand spring jacket, $4.59
15. St. John black cardigan with gold buttons (vintage), $4.59
16. Plaid button-down shirt, $3.59
17. Adidas green fleece jacket, $4.59
18. Mossimo tweed short sleeve jacket, $4.59
19. Franco Sarto Quasar bootie in brown leather, Ideeli credits ($0)

TOTAL =$104.86

I did get a lot of nice clothes, accessories, and even shoes and I managed to only buy 1 new item for the whole month and I ALMOST made it under my $100 budget. Let’s see if I can stay under $50 for December (since I will focus mostly on gifts for Christmas).

How about you, dear readers, if you’re a Budgeting Blogger {or if you’re not}, how did you do in November?


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31 thoughts on “november 2013 fashion budget

    1. every month I tell myself I’m going to not shop. Yeah, well as you can see that didn’t turn out so well. I’ve found very few Dooneys, but I’ve lucked out with Coach bags. You just have to pick your favorite thrift stores and go as often as you can.

  1. I love that skirt! I did very well in November. All I bought was two pairs of tracksuit bottoms for the gym, which cost £13 combined (about $21). I guess I did cheat a bit though because my mother-in-law took me shopping for my birthday and spent £150 (about $245) on me for new jeans, winter coat and a top. I am not planning on buying any clothes in December apart from a Christmas jumper… because everyone needs one of those!

    1. Wow, you did really good Abbi. Gifts don’t count 🙂 $245 is actually not bad at all for all of that because winter coats (good ones) are so expensive unless you luck out and find one at a thrift store or consignment store. And yes, christmas jumpers are a must-have. I need one really bad but because of my wool sensitivities, it’s so hard to find cute ones that aren’t hideous.

  2. Nice job staying in budget! I discovered that my local Goodwill store had EVERYTHING half price on Black Friday. Got some great things for a whopping total of $17.00. Including a brand new Coldwater Creek dress with the $89.00 price tag still on it. I got it for $7.oo. Pretty exciting! Happy Holidays!!!

    1. Great finds!!! I really wish my local Goodwill stores had sales and discounts but they don’t ever have them. Oh well! There’s nothing better than finding a brand new item, with the tags still attached, for a great price! xo

  3. Im on a budget too. Havent bought any piece of cloth for two months but this week my favorite thrift store had an additional 25% discount so I had to go shopping. I bougth in total 14 pieces of cloth of different vendors for $30. I feel happy 🙂

    1. that is a REALLY great deal, Monica. And congrats to you for being able to not shop for 2 months, that’s something I have failed at. can’t wait to see your new clothes on your blog!

    1. thanks H.E.! I can never resist a pair of cheap, classic Cole Haan shoes even if they’re heels 🙂 Plus these ones have a beautiful orange sole. Can’t wait to wear them in the spring (even if it’s just out to dinner). Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

  4. Wow you did great and you and your mom are adorable. I especially like the Cole Haan sling backs and Donna Morgan polka dot dress. I too found a Phillip Lim dress on clearance at Target #winning. Check out my post on Wednesday to see what I got from GW on Black Friday. Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks Pam. I just blew my december budget and it’s only the 2nd day of the month. A pair of rockport oxfords I’ve been crushing on was on sale for cyber monday and I couldn’t resist. hopefully they fit!

    1. Thanks Aubrey. I would plan a “thrift map” of stores near you. Go to these stores at least once a week over and over. Soon, you’ll figure out which stores are worth your time. I really should write down some thrifting tips, LOL.

    1. Thanks Ashley! I love thrifting for many reasons but one of them is volume to dollar spent ratio (like you said, getting many items and not paying that much). 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks Ladies!!! I absolutely love thrifting, although I’ve already spent my December budget on a pair of Rockport oxfords so I’m not sure how much good stuff you’ll see on my december list:)

  5. Seeing all your finds is giving me the thrifting itch! You’re so lucky you found a St. John cardi–even if it’s vintage the style is so classic that you can wear it forever. 🙂

    1. do it!!!! thrifting is the BEST! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that st. john cardi, it’s kinda 80s looking but since that look is in style, i think i’ll get a lot of wear out of it. I just have to take it to get dry cleaned and a very small hole fixed. thanks for stopping by!

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