thrift style thursday – faux fur (diy)!

For this week’s theme, I didn’t have ANY faux fur in my wardrobe. I went thrift shopping but found nothing. So I decided to MAKE SOMETHING faux fur 🙂 I am so excited to share how this DIY Faux Fur Collar turned out.

thrift-style-thursday-faux-furIf you want to make the same one, go to BurdaStyle and create an account to download the free printable pattern and instructions. Fair warning, however: although this project was made for beginners, as a beginner I found it difficult.

I sewed a satin lining, added satin ribbon, and a vintage brooch too. Here’s how it turned out worn over a belted jacket and a blazer:diy faux fur collar - burda pattern diy faux fur collar - burda pattern diy faux fur collar - burda pattern diy faux fur collar - burda pattern diy faux fur collar - burda pattern IMG_2171 diy faux fur collar - burda pattern diy faux fur collar - burda pattern diy faux fur collar - burda patternThanks for reading and I do hope you check out this fun faux fur DIY/sewing project! If you’re a fan of faux fur that is. I bought way too much of the fur at Hancock fabrics so I plan on making another diy faux fur project, maybe a muff or a vest or an infinity scarf?

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Outfit Details:
Faux fur collar: made by me with vintage brooch from ebay
Purple jacket: forever 21, old
Black blazer: Chaus from Nordstrom, last season
Pants: Forever 21+ skinnies, old
Top: thrifted $3.59
Boots: Old, hand me downs


34 thoughts on “thrift style thursday – faux fur (diy)!

  1. Faux fur fantastic. I have several fur wraps and faux fur coats but the temps never stay cold enough to wear them. This color definitely goes well with your complexion – stay warm and I can’t wait to see the muff you make – talk about childhood memories!

    1. Thanks Antionette! Yes, I had some faux fur jackets back in the early 2000s and it’d have to be really cold to wear them. I can’t wait to work on the muff diy, I had one too when I was a kid in Toronto.

  2. Wow, you did such an amazing job making that fur collar!!! I am not a big fan of fur and don’t have any in my closet either, but you knocked it out of the park on this one! LOVE IT! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Kristi! Yeah I wasn’t a big fan either until recently. I did buy a faux leopard reversible vest from Costco. It was definitely an impulse buy but I ended up returning it because it didn’t look right on me. I do like the idea of a small faux fur piece like muff or infinity scarf. xo

    1. thanks so much Ruzin! sewing really does take practice and I am a beginner and need lots more practice. Hope you find some cool that’s faux fur. Cowgirl boots are the best – I have 4 pairs and love them.

  3. Of course you did something amazing and DIY…you’re so stinkin talented!!! I love how this all looks put together! A vest or infinity scarf for your next project would be so cute!

    1. You’re so funny Justine. I’m really not that good, I am just super stubborn and when I put my mind to something, it’s gettin’ DONE. I have a hankering for a vest, scarf, and maybe a muff too. We’ll see! Definitely want a vest though – the one’s I’ve found tend to be too long on me.

  4. Wow! Thant looks so cool. I had a faux fur infinity scarf last year that I wore with everything (until it eventually disintegrated), so I am definitely voting infinity scarf!

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