happy holidays!

the #thriftstylethursday crew would like to wish a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy Healthy New Year ๐Ÿ˜‰

It looks like we all did a pretty good job rustling up a collection of tacky Xmas sweaters. I couldn’t find one so I turned this theme into another DIY. I bought a sweater from Goodwill for and sewed on some holiday fabric. Then I glued on some sequin trim, a bow, and some bells. I didn’t really get to wear my sweater, though. Because it was in the upper 60s yesterday and today it was in the upper 70s and humid!!! I thought it was supposed to be December?




Kristi at Alligatortoe (and thanks for making the awesome postcard!)
Zhenyaย at Being Zhenya
Jacklineย at Sincerely Miss J
Martynaย at Spoolish
Justineย at The Two Cent Chick


19 thoughts on “happy holidays!

    1. TOTALLY lame weather! I want cold too – and I want to be able to actually wear my sweater, lol. Thanks so much for the kind words Kathy. My DIY went quite a bit off track but in the end it didn’t turn out so bad. It was fun!

    1. Thanks so much Kristi! Cheesy sweaters are the BEST. Still slightly disappointed I couldn’t find one while thrifting. I’m hoping maybe after christmas?? for next year, hopefully.

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