December 2013 budget

So December’s budget was a huge DISASTER. My goal for December was to spend $50-ish and focus my monies on Xmas gifts. What ended up happening was the oxfords that I’d been lusting after went on sale, then I continued to go thrift shopping even though I knew I shouldn’t. My mom also bought me a good number of thrifted items, so that was nice.


Items thrifted unless otherwise stated.

1. Holly Aiken vinyl tote bag, $5 … buy HERE (by the way, these are made in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA!)
2. Rockport oxford shoes ($83 during cyber monday sale on – 14 from ebates = $69)
3. Coach light blue wristlet, $10
4. Coach mini wallet, $5
5. Coach full size wallet, $25
6. Hue burgundy tights, $6 tjmaxx
7. Black lands end sweater, $4.59
8. Oversized black and white striped sweater, $4.59
9. Vintage Coach bucket bag, $16
10. J. Crew striped cardigan, $4.59
11. cobalt blue Symantiks jacket, $4.59
12. Gold tassel necklace, $15 groopdealz
13. glass ring, $2
14. Black and gold Talbots skirt, thrifted gift from mom
15. Tacky Christmas sweater w/ manger scene, $4.59
16. Black old navy dress, $2.50
17. Mossimo sweater, thrifted gift from mom
18. Ann Taylor sequined cardigan, thrifted gift from mom
19. J Jill open cardigan, thrifted gift from mom
20. Eddie Bauer navy sweater vest, thrifted gift from mom
21. ANA floral blouse, thrifted gift from mom
22. J crew teal cardigan, thrifted gift from mom
23. J crew pale pink tee, thrifted gift from mom

Rafaella teal blazer, $4.59
Rafaella floral blazer, $3
Halogen grey silk blouse, $4
Nine West sand colored long jacket, $7
Tartan/plaid faux cashmere scarf, $2
Lilly Pulitzer skirt, $3.59
Talbots floral skirt, $3.59

Not Pictured:
Hue + kensie socks, $7.50 marshalls
Levis jeans, $3.59
Gray oversized lands end sweater, $4.59
Eileen Fisher black pants, $7.50

=$230 – ohh wow. that’s a shocker. I did get a LOT of nice things, including a Coach bag and 3 Coach wallets, but still…WAY over budget. And the bad thing is my birthday is coming up and i KNOW I’ll want to “treat myself” to stuff so I doubt I’ll be able to keep my $100 budget for January…But I sure will try.

How did YOU do this month?


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27 thoughts on “December 2013 budget

  1. Wait to go girl! I mean, being over budget is okay if you got this many great things. Plus holy cow, that vintage Coach bucket bag is to DIE FOR! Seriously so gorgeous!

  2. Wow, you certainly got a LOT this month! And really each item was very inexpensive, I’ve definitely had months where the little things add up very quickly.

  3. But on the plus side, now you’ll have tons of new outfits to post or remix into your closet 🙂 You really did snag some great finds!

    I think I’m going to be joining in on #2014closetremixchallenge on Instagram, which is using what you already have in your closet and remixing it. Oh, and also not shopping haha which is definitely something I need to do.

  4. Yikes, I hate it when that happens! But we’ve all been there…back in September, I spent twice my budget and had to make up for it by not buying ANYTHING in October. It was torture!

    At least you got some super cute stuff though 🙂

  5. Yikes – don’t ask how I did. I had a total shopping blow-out and was very very naughty (I bought 4 blouses – 4!!!). I really ought to be keeping track of every single item exactly like you have done! But honestly – everything you got was an absolute steal. Very impressed not only with the prices but the fact that you know exactly what you purchased! 😀

    1. It seems that many of us were naughty in December 🙂 4 blouses does seem like a lot but they also seem like great versatile additions to a wardrobe. Keeping track is actually really fun. Sometimes I buy things and forget about them, and sometimes I don’t realize how much I’m spending – keeping track helps with both. I just keep a running list either in wordpress (as a draft) or on my phone. Every time I buy something, I add it to the list with the price. Thrifting is nice in that you can save some serious cash but it’s also problematic because you (ie. I) tend to buy things that are just “ok” because they’re so cheap!

      1. I will definitely have to give keeping track a try. Although last year I had frugal February and miserly March where I wasn’t allowed to buy any clothing. I think I will do the same this year too – so looks like I won’t be buying anything for a while as Feb is just around the corner!!

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