january 2014 fashion budget

So I was expecting January’s budget to be higher, since it’s my birthday month. I tried to stay around $100 still…let’s see how I did:


What I got this month:

1. Magaschoni blazer $4.59
2. Vintage Doncaster blazer $4.59
3. Gray Rafaella blazer $4.59
4. Old navy sheer floral top $3.39
9. Eileen fisher silk skirt $3.39
14. Enamel cuff $3
16. J crew mini dot chambray shirt $3.39
19. Antonio Melani maxi Skirt $3.39
18. Lafayette 148 Button-down shirt $3.39
20. Me too leopard flats $3.39
21. Lands end nautical striped shirt $3.39
22. LC Lauren Conrad Black velour skinnies $3.39

From eBay:
8. St. John gold tank $16
13. St. John black skirt $16
15. Lands end plaid vest $17

17. Nerd cat sweater, Ideeli $ 19.94 (after credits and shipping charges)
12. Gold wrap belt $12 american apparel
6. & 11. Statement necklaces $20 + $15 from Groopdeals and Jane.com

From Instagram @beulloascloset:
5. Merona polka dot peter pan top, $15
10. NY&co. butterfly blouse, $15
7. Tracy Reese // Target sequin blouse, $23

SUBTOTAL = $212.83 (minus $63 from selling clothes)
TOTAL = $149.83

Well, I’d say that wasn’t bad considering it was my birthday month. I ended up with really cute items, lots of cool stuff, and even some designer items at a great price. YEAH for thrifting and being frugal! I’m hoping February will be a $100 month for once!

How did you do this month?


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24 thoughts on “january 2014 fashion budget

    1. Thanks Valerie! The dotted shirt I found is actually a men’s shirt – and I found it in the women’s section – but it fits me pretty well. I’ve definitely bought things at full price or on sale, only to find a very similar item at the thrift store for much much less.

  1. You actually did REALLY well this month – and the fact that it was your birthday month makes it even more impressive! And you pretty much killed it at the thriftstore – that I’m surprised 🙂

    1. Thanks Ashley! February’s already shaping up to be a disaster, LOL! I blame it on my love and addiction to thrifting (I guess I am lucky, I usually find so many great things there). But I did run into a North Face waterproof shell at a consignment store over the weekend, and I couldn’t leave without it 🙂 xo

    1. Thanks Miche! It’s actually kind of fun to do the monthly budget thing – even if I tend to go over budget. It helps me keep track of what I’m buying and what I have already. Seriously, I buy stuff and forget I have it. You should join 🙂

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