celebrity-inspired thrift style thursday

I’m not one to gush over celebrity style – mainly because I don’t feel any connection or common ground with people that are skinnier, better-looking, and of course – super rich (all things that I am NOT).

So when this thrift style Thursday topic rolled around, I was a little nervous about who to pick. I decided to go with a celebrity that I find quite alluring, Christina Hendricks, mainly because of her depiction of Joan on Mad Men, but also because she is GORGEOUS. Her curves could kill.

I know that Christina Hendricks is often photographed wearing gorgeous red-carpet gowns that show off her hour-glass curves, but I wanted to go with a look that’s a little more low-key…something comfortable yet chic.

So here goes – my celebrity style inspiration for today:

celebrity inspired thrift style thursdayphoto of CH courtesy of Wenn.com celebrity inspired thrift style thursday celebrity inspired thrift style thursdayIt’s hard to see myself side-by-side with Christina, but I think the outfits are very similar, and this style of style looks good on a gal with curves. Well, that’s it! Hope you liked it!

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Outfit Details (mine):
Blazer: Magaschoni, thrifted $4.59
Top: striped, no tag, thrifted $3.39
Jeans: Ralph Lauren skinnies, thrifted $4.59
Clutch: Kate Spade clutch/travel wallet, consignment store in Miami $50
Shoes: Cole Haan beige patent pointy toe pumps, ebay $40? (can’t remember exact amount)
Bracelet: gift


46 thoughts on “celebrity-inspired thrift style thursday

  1. OH MY GOSH…I had a feeling you would choose somebody with gorgeous curves, and Christina Hendricks is definitely the epitome of curvaceousnes 🙂 Her curves could indeed kill…but so could yours because you look gorgeous! This look is exactly what you said, comfortable yet chic. Love how your clutch pops against the neutrals in your outfit. Now I’m inspired, as always, by this look. I feel like I’m rambling and this is becoming a novel so I’ll conclude with a BAM and a you work it, girl.

    1. Girl, you could rock this look too! We could be twinsies! Thanks so much, I really enjoyed this week’s TST and had fun looking for my style inspiration. I loved everyone elses outfits too and once again, I’m happy to be part of TST! xoxoxox

  2. Your outfit is awesome!

    If I had stylists to do my hair every day, and makeup people to do my face, and personal trainers and chefs to make me work out and feed me, and personal nannies to watch my children while I did my daily workout/style sessions, I’d look like them, too. 🙂 I feel no connection with them, either.

    1. Thanks so much Jackie!!! What’s funny about the pinstripes is that I’m not usually a huge fan of them. When I saw the blazer at the thrift store, I was totally going to pass it by until I saw that it was Magaschoni and then I snatched it up. Now I don’t mind the stripes 🙂

    1. Thanks Lysa, My #1 tip for thrifting is GO OFTEN. like as much as you can. Hit up the same store 2 times a week. Hit up 5+ stores per week. Stuff like that. it’s a game of statistics. The more you go, the more of a chance of finding good stuff.

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