February 2014 Fashion Budget

Alright friends, I have to admit something. February was a bad month. I went way over my $100 budget. Without making excuses, I’d like to explain some things that made this overspending possible. First of all, it was a stressful month. When I’m stressed, I like to shop (yeah, it’s a bad habit, I know). Secondly, my mom is in town and I use thrifting as an activity we can do together – we have so much fun. And lastly, because hubby and I are trying intermittent fasting and weekends tend to be almost meal-free, I’ve been using thrifting to keep my mind off hunger. So there, I’ve laid out all my reasons/excuses on the table.

Now to the list. Here’s what I bought this month…

The North Face shell, $37
J. Crew denim jacket, $13
Misook dress & leopard belt $4 after consignment credit

Gold belt, $1.39
Ugly celestial sweater, $4.59
Purple dip dye open cardigan, $4.59
Gap striped dress 4.59
Jones New York striped sweatshirt 4.59
Under armour cropped pants 3.39
White Karen Kane jeans 3.39
Mossimo grey/black dress 4.59
Mossimo skinny jeans NWT $3.39
Denizen jeggings NWT $3.39
Tweed Capelet $4.59
Nine west green flats $3.39 (Not Pictured – I am going to try and consign these, they are SO uncomfortable)
Classiques entiers tweed jacket $7
J crew long sleeve tee navy $3
Striped rugby tunic, $5.25
Striped blouse with back zipper $2.25 (not pictured)
Coach leatherware briefcase $35
Navy ruffle tee $3.39
Navy silk Lafayette148 blouse $3.39
Fila athletic top $3.39
Chaus pink polka dot shirt $3.39
Black belt $1.39

Seychelles booties, pipelime clearance $18
J crew polka dot shirt $37 (factory store; here I think)

Clothes Mentor:
J crew polka dot blouse $12.50
Lands end small dot button up $10
Chicos long cardigan $15.50

TOTAL=$263.72 (-$10 from selling clothes)=$253.72 $313.72

UPDATE: Oh my, I TOTALLY forgot that I bought these shoes for my new job. I don’t even want to admit that this adds another $60 to my budget. UGH. 

That amount is SO much more than I usually spend but I did end with with 31 items including a nice Coach briefcase/laptop bag for my new job and a much-needed waterproof/windproof North Face shell.

There’s really nothing much I can do right now other than try and do better in March. Also, I’m donating and consigning a bunch of clothes that I just don’t wear anymore. Buying so many items each month means that I’m quickly running out of space.

Anyway, how was your February budget?


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45 thoughts on “February 2014 Fashion Budget

    1. Thanks! I had been looking for a vintage coach briefcase but when I saw this newer one at Goodwill, I loved it right away, plus that price is not too bad either:) I’ve been using it every day and recently used it to carry around my new work laptop.

  1. I love the cape! But great haul anyway. I totally understand why you did spend more. According to thrift shopping my mom is a bad influence as well. 🙂 Hope you guys had fun together. 🙂

    1. Thanks Victoria. Yeah, we have such a good time thrifting together and plus we help each other in choosing which items to buy. The cape is super cute. It does have a VERY string perfume smell. I had it dry cleaned and now it’s hanging outside in the sun – I’m hoping this will help get rid of the smell. Oh well, the perils of thrift shopping 🙂

  2. Those all sound like very legitimate reasons to shop to me 🙂 Meal-free weekends?! Dang, that takes dedication. I applaud you, my dear. You got such great stuff this month! That Coach laptop bag looks really nice and I’m sure it’ll be perfect for the new job! Thanks for sharing all your stupendous finds!!

    1. Meal-free (fasting) weekends are NOT fun but it’s a way to help keep me and hubby on track. We followed a low-carb lifestyle for over 2 years and got tired of the restrictions. Intermittent fasting allows us to indulge in yummy, carby things throughout the week if we want. I’ve been using the laptop bag daily since i found it. I even use it to haul around the new work laptop 🙂

  3. Wow, I think you did amazing! You got a ton of great, quality (and CUTE) stuff for a veeeery reasonable amount of money! And clearly we are all enablers haha, oh well, that’s what friends are for, amiright? 😉

  4. holy smokers, I was not expecting for you to that that much stuff! Amazing haul, especially on the J.Crew denim jacket. There’s always next month to do “better” and I totally understand you on being a stress shopper.

    1. What can i say? I love stuff and I love a great deal 🙂 I guess consignment stores have huge clear-out sales in February ’cause that’s where I got a lot of good stuff at good prices (50% off or more). The good news is that getting all this new stuff has spurred me to purge! I am consigning and donating a bunch of stuff:)

  5. I think you must be the thrifting QUEEN! I LOVE thrifting but haven’t been in so long! I think I’m going to have to stop by my local Goodwill on the way home 🙂 Great job this month girl!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I guess you could say I learned it from my mother in law – she volunteers at several thrift stores and is the reigning queen. I’m just the thrifting princess 🙂 You should definitely hit up thrift stores as much as you can – you never know what you may find.

    1. hi Ashley!!! Yeah definitely too much stuff but I’ll try harder in March =) thrifting is great because you can get like 10 shirts for the price of just 1 new one. The only problem is you might end up with 9 extra shirts that you only bought because the price was right…I do that a lot. But I’ve put aside a bunch of clothes and shoes that I don’t wear much to donate and consign. Time to clear out the ol’ closets.

  6. Whoa! You cleaned up girly! I mean… with the fasting thing you’re saving money too, right?

    I did decent on my budget. Bought about 150 worth of clothing on ASOS but I think i’m going to return about 50 of it. It’s so hard to not shop! We have to stay strong!


    1. with fasting I save lots of money on food and gas to get to the food, but I end up spending more money shopping because I’m hungry, lol. I love ASOS but every time I try something from there, the size is a lot smaller than I expect. I haven’t tried any curve items though.

      I did have a eureka moment the other day when I couldn’t even get clothes out of my closet because everything was stuffed in there so tightly – it’s time to try on EVERY piece of clothing and donate or cosign or sell what 1) doesn’t fit, 2) doesn’t look good/old/not my style anymore and 3) doesn’t get worn but once or twice a year. I’ve decided I love my clothes SO much more when I can actually SEE them. haha!

      Always a please, Madame. xo

  7. LOL let’s not lie…this was what happened to me this month! February is my birthday month, so I tend to go over budget because I use gift cards, etc…and then spend a little more!! Oh well, let’s try and start over this month!!

  8. Hey, those are perfectly good reasons to justify a little extra spending 😉 Shopping is my stress coping mechanism of choice as well, and it’s a hard one to break! Ok, I gotta ask about the Celestial sweater (which you referred to as ugly), what’s that about?!

    1. So I saw this sweater and I just couldn’t leave Goodwill without it. It’s totally not something I’d wear regularly, just a funny sweater to wear to ugly sweater parties or as a joke to the new office (to see if they would say anything, haha). I love stars so naturally I was attracted to the sweater.

  9. Hey girl! Thanks for the comment I’m glad the product is working for you! Oh girl I feel you on the shopping habits but at the very least you got a fantastic haul! I’m drooling over that laptop bag, my laptop rides around in the UGLIEST looking laptop bag you can imagine!

    Hopefully March is less stressful!

    Sincerely Miss J

    1. Thanks Jackie! I love a good ‘office bag’ lol – I have a couple of them (all thrifted) but this one is my favorite – it goes with everything. I do hope the rest of March calms down a bit…the new job has me on edge (well, new things are scary and different). xoxo

  10. Hehe your cat, at least you are still making a fashion budget, I did a no shop November and barley made it aka I caved after 20 days. Amazing finds, congrats on the new job!

  11. Oh how we hear you … January we overspend because of all the Christmas/New Year deals, in February spring line hits the stores … there’s always an excuse to go over budget, hehe, so you are not alone, sistah. And look at all the thrifty cool finds you’ve added to your collection! Fabulous! XOXO N & N

  12. Hey, don’t beat yourself up about going over budget. It’s a lot less than paying full price, or retail sale price for all those things. I bought an ugly Xmas sweater today for $2……they’ve become so (ironically) popular that you can’t hardly find any. Now I’m all set for Xmas.

  13. Ahh how are you liking doing the IF thing? I have been kinda playing with the idea of doing it for awhile but feel like I can’t really commit to it (Especially not for like 18 hours or whatever.. we shall see). As for my budget, i suck at budeting :/

    1. I actually kind of like IF. I noticed that it has caused my stomach to shrink so I don’t need as much food to feel full. I really hate feeling hungry but I don’t mind it that much because I get to eat yummy, junky foods on M-F. I did low carb for about 2.5 years and I really missed eating certain foods. IF allows me to eat those foods but keep myself in check (which I desperately need). Budgeting is hard, but I like to at least try to stick to a budget or else things get too crazy, lol.

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