coral harem pants {my first guest blogger post!}

I am so excited to present my very first guest blogger, Steph. Steph and I have been buddies for many years (since high school). She is a veterinarian and currently lives in Australia. She found some awesome harem pants (not sure if you’d call these bolero pants or something else??)… read on:


To the Fans of SandPaperKisses:
G’day! My name is Stephanie; I am an old friend of Nout’s (circa high school) and one of her avid followers. I am (as I am sure several of you are) always inspired by the unique fashion combinations Nout manages to fabricate from thin air (and very impressively from thin wallet). I recently moved to Australia & have been struggling to appreciate/adapt to the local fashion, but I finally found the courage to branch out and try something out of my comfort zone last month. Back home, I would typically tend toward form fitting neutral solid clothing, but I couldn’t resist these loose coral inspired ( bolero?) pants. Thankfully, at $15 australian dollars (~$11 USD; 1/2 off sale) these pants were a comfortable steal, and while I think they are fabulous for the hot climate here, I wonder if they border on looking like pajama pants… what do you think?
Thrilled to be Nout’s first guest blogger!
Guest Blogger Steph DSC00210


I hope you enjoyed Steph’s post. Now tell me, do you like this style of pant? It seems like you could dress them up or down and they look very comfortable!


15 thoughts on “coral harem pants {my first guest blogger post!}

  1. Yay for your first guest blogger! Those pants are so ridiculously cute! They look incredibly comfortable and stylish, yet I fear if I wore them they would look more like pajama pants 🙂 Stephanie totally pulls them off though!

  2. We’re in loooove with your fabulous palazzo pants, and a bit jelly if they feel like pajamas, hehe. Congrats girls for teaming up together in such a fun way!

    XOXO N & N

  3. Hi nout..great idea having a guest blogger! I love Steph’s harem pants! The coral print is beautiful, and they do not look too much like pj’s. By chance, the “menswear inspired pajama look” is big this season 🙂 I wear them quite often..always get compliments…am working on a line of them for my store.

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