April 2014 Fashion Budget

Hi friends, another month has gone by and it’s time, yet again, to recall our purchases.

Here’s what I ended up with this month:

  • Marc by Marc Jacobs crazy cat lady necklace, insta-shop $22
  • Vintage Coach purse, Goodwill $40
  • Mephisto slip on shoes, Goodwill $4
  • Nine West Sandals, Goodwill $3.39
  • Banana Republic mustard sweater, Goodwill $4.49
  • Floral print linen shirt, Goodwill $3.39
  • Lafayette148 collar shirt, Goodwill $3.39
  • Van Heusen striped nautical tee, Goodwill $3.39
  • Talbots green jacket, Goodwill $4.59
  • J. Crew navy cropped pants, Goodwill $3.39
  • Classiques Entier cardigan, Goodwill $3.39
  • Forever21 Bird Kimono top, Buffalo Exchange in Charlotte $9.50
  • Mel by Melissa Pop Heart Jelly Flats, Lord & Taylor $24.69

Plus, I had been forgetting to “skip this month” for JewelMint so I ended up with 2 credits ($60 total, yikes). Here’s what I got:

  • Leading Legacy Necklace
  • Time Capsule Pendant
  • Gem Mosaic Necklace

jewelmint necklaces
TOTAL Spent: $185.12. Well, I went $85 over my budget, mostly due to the frivolous jewelry spending. I did end up getting 4 necklaces, 3 pairs of shoes, 1 leather purse, 2 sweaters, 1 pant, 5 tops, and 1 blazer/jacket, which isn’t’ that bad if you think about it 🙂 Oh well! Here’s to a better May.

Now it’s your turn, friends. Spill the beans…how do you do this month on YOUR fashion budget??


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28 thoughts on “April 2014 Fashion Budget

      1. Since mine has a touch of purple I wear it with purple or browns, something where it kinda stands out, depending on the outfit I style it as the odd man out, so it might not match the rest of my outfit but since it’s so different it works!

    1. Thanks Sheri, but yeah, my wardrobe is totally bursting! I go through every few months and clean stuff out to donate, consign, give away, etc. I need to do that again! I have tried not buying anything but I enjoy thrifting so much.

  1. i love that striped tee, and the necklaces are fabulous! i’d say you did pretty fabulous! i spent way too much money in April, May has to be better lol

  2. When you buy shoes at a thrift store, how do you clean them? I have a hangup about shoes because I (obviously) can’t put them in the washer. But I would love to be able to buy shoes secondhand. Thanks!

    1. I have a lot of weird neuroses but thrift store shoes are not one of them. As long as they aren’t crusty (ew) I usually don’t do much to clean them. Every once in a while I will spray them with a little bit of rubbing alcohol but that’s all. I think you can actually buy a shoe cleaning spray, but I haven’t used one in many years.

  3. How in the world do you always find all this amazing stuff?!?!?! So jealous! I’d say for what you spent vs. what you got, you did amazingly this month 🙂

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