this #TST is a 90s nostalgia #TBT

So for this week’s Thrift Style Thursday, I will be doing a Throw Back Thursday post. I am just not a huge fan of 90s fashion and what little I do like (Doc Martens, plaid, etc) I have already worn on the blog plenty of times.

So for fun, here are some pics of me wearing awesome 90s clothes in the 90s. I was a pretty big tomboy and wore a lot of athletic wear a. I guess I’ve always like Sporty Spice 🙂

I hope you enjoyed seeing my in my favorite 90s outfits. Now it’s your turn to spill the beans: what is your favorite 90s fashion (or any kind of) fad?

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16 thoughts on “this #TST is a 90s nostalgia #TBT

  1. Loved seeing all these pictures 🙂 Who didn’t love butterfly clips?!?!?! Thanks for sharing these!

  2. So cute Nout. Looking at your photos, I was half expecting to see myself in some of them. They look so familiar. I guess we all kinda dressed the same. I too had tommy hilfiger sweaters, and huge running shoes, and butterfly clips. Great post. I think all the TST girls should do a post with old photos1

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