army chic + another ThredUp order!

Hey friends, I wanted to share with you my new lovely Gap ‘army’ jacket and my lovely ThredUp pants. I found this lovely jacket at Goodwill last weekend. Yeah, it was $10, which is more than I like to spend at Goodwill on jackets but I’m so glad I did. I’m not sure how old or new it is but it’s in perfect condition with a really cool interior.

Army Chic + ThredUp finds Army Chic + ThredUp finds Army Chic + ThredUp finds Army Chic + ThredUp finds

Now onto the pants. I needed some pants that were more summer-y and I looked to ThredUp for great prices. I cannot get enough of ThredUp. I order 3 pairs of pants from them a few weeks ago and the prices just can’t be beat. I got 2 pairs of NYDJ grey khakis/jeggings and 1 pair of Gap khakis for summer. They were on average $15 each! I’d appreciate you using my referral code if you’re thinking of ordering from ThredUp – you get $10 off your first order!

I hope you liked my outfit!


Outfit Details:
Jacket: Gap (RED) army-style jacket, thrifted $10
Top: Banana Republic, thrifted $3.39
Pants: NYDJ grey jeggings, ThredUp ~$15
Shoes: Lands End ballet flats, thrifted $5
Jewelry: Gifted from my mom


13 thoughts on “army chic + another ThredUp order!

  1. Loveeeee the outfit! The jacket will be perfect paired with so many pieces, and the pants are so cute! Yay for ThredUp!

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