july 2014 fashion budget

So it seems that July was a GREAT month for me, budget-wise. A combination of not buying a lot of stuff plus selling lots of stuff = YAY not spending a lot!

So here’s what I got in July:

1. Vintage Dooney & Bourke bag. OK, this bag was very expensive (for me) but I just love the bright blue color, plus you all know I’m a sucker for vintage leather goods. $115 (incl. shipping) from Poshmark.
2. Coach Janice’s Legacy bag, thrifted $13
3. Coach light green wallet, thrifted $8
4. Gap leather belt, thrifted $1
5. Herve Chapelier tote bag, Clothes Mentor $14
6. Liberty London for Target floral blouse, ebay for $16
7. Liberty London dress, consignment store for $10
8. Clarks sandals (so comfy!), consignment store for $18
9. Silver right, consignment for $13
10. [Not Pictured] 2 bras and a tank top from Nordstrom on sale, $105 … I really need some new bras.

-Selling $75 worth of clothes at Clothes Mentor and $200 in consignments

=TOTAL (after selling clothes and consignment credits) $38

Ok so here’s the deal though, we just bought a new car since I gave my mom my old car to take to California with her when she moves there for her new job. But as you can imagine, having a car payment after many years of not having one means extra expenses. Plus I’d love to save up for a new couch. That means that I’m taking my monthly fashion budget from approx. $100 per month down to $25. My plan is to use this money to put toward the car payment or the new couch.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my July budget breakdown. Now it’s time for YOU to spill the beans….how was your July???


16 thoughts on “july 2014 fashion budget

  1. Awesome! You did amazing with your budget!! It’s a really good challenge to bring the budget down to $25- I have a feeling that with your creativity, you’ll be able to still get some great finds!

    1. Thank you!!! Yes, it will be tough for me because I really enjoy shopping (thrifting is my favorite but I’m a bad online shopper). I am going to focus on trying new outfits with things I already have and also trimming down my increasingly overwhelming wardrobe. I can use money from consigning/selling to supplement that $25 budget šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Abbi! Well there are good months and bad months. Trainers and athletic shoes are items I’m not willing to compromise on, so when I have to buy a new pair, I go over budget by $100+. Its worth it though. Same with event dresses, I bet they are gorgeous! Have you posted them on your blog yet?

      1. Yup. This week and last. One I wore to a wedding and the other was for a supplier cocktail party in a fancy hotel.

  2. GO GIRL! I love these budget posts from you! The Dooney & Bourke bag is so you and I’m sure you’ll use it all the time. Really love the Clarks sandals too šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Justine:) Oh I just love the bag…it’s the perfect size and shape for me, and I’ve just come to the conclusion that I love having bags that allow me to have full use of my arms. The Clarks sandals are so comfy. They’re not usually something that I’d buy but when I put them on, I wasn’t sure I could leave the store without them. xo

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