september 2014 fashion budget

Another month, another budget! 2 months ago, I tried to bring my budget down from about $100 per month to $25 per month. I knew I wouldn’t easily accomplished, but I just wanted to get down to a lower amount so that I could use the difference for a newly acquired car payment. Well, last month’s budget was totally demolished. Let’s see how I did this month.

Here’s what I got this month:
1. Eileen Fisher black silk tank top, $2 (thrifted)
2. Misook black and purple cardigan, $3 (thrifted)
3. Misook hooded jacket, $3 (thrifted)
4. JustFab Mandy Jumpsuit, used a JustFab credit – $40
5. Arizona Jeans light denim sleeveless shirt, $7 from ebay
6. Gap sleeveless denim shirt, $8 from ebay
7. Simply Vera by Vera Wang black skirt, free (used consignment credit)

= 8 items for $63 !
– Minus a $20 check from ebates (you should sign up if you haven’t already…it’s free and you get cash back!)
TOTAL = $43

I did go over my budget…but only by a little bit, plus I got some really awesome basics! I am still proud of myself that I was able to keep it under $100.

OK, now it’s your turn to spill…how did you do this month!?


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12 thoughts on “september 2014 fashion budget

  1. Wow! Those are seriously amazing finds. I did absolutely awful with the whole YOOX 90% off sale. However, the unfortunate thing is that MY PACKAGE GOT LOST IN THE MAIL! I have no idea where it is. Waaah.


  2. I love that you do this – I should start doing it, keep myself accountable. Overall I think you did awesome, even only spending $43 (Especially as a blogger), is pretty amazing! Also, never heard of ebates but I just signed up, it sounds awesome!

    1. Thanks Miche! Yes, you should do it!!! The link up is on the Franish blog (link above) and that way you can see how other bloggers are doing. Yeah, ebates is awesome! I’ve made like $300+ in the last several years just shopping through them. ❤

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