workwear wednesday, well not really

Hi friends, I really wanted to show you what I wore to work yesterday because it was really cute, but I didn’t get a chance to snap pictures because hubby and I had reservations for our anniversary dinner and I had to rush to change and get ready after work.

So, here’s us at Angus Barn for our 5th wedding anniversary. It’s become tradition to celebrate our special day at that restaurant and I’m ever so thankful that I got to spend a lovely evening with hubby eating steaks and sipping wine. The whole place is decorated like a Christmas village.

Unlike me who technically doesn’t have a work outfit, Justine does! Don’t forget to check out Justine’s #WorkwearWednesday post! Check out The Thrifty Girl’s Guide!

anniversary dinner at angus barn anniversary dinner at angus barn

I wish all of you that celebrate it a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING! Love and kisses, Nout


Outfit Details:
Top: Tracey Reese/Target/Neiman Marcus sequin top, insta-shop for about $20
Pants: Misook, gift from my MIL
Shoes: Really old Naturalizers
Hubby: Priceless


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