december 2014 budget

Hi there friends! Well, another month has (almost) gone by and it’s time to analyze the fashion purchases for the month.

December Fashion Budget

Here’s what I got this month:

  1. Brown Ralph Lauren full skirt, $11 from Pennies for Change Thrift Store
  2. Karen Kane black with embroidery dress, $4.59 from Goodwill
  3. Rough & Tumble large clutch [made in the USA], $56 from Sofia’s Carrboro, also available on Etsy.
  4. Rough & Tumble 1909 messenger bag in waxed canvas & leather in ipad size [made in the USA], $188 from Sofia’s Carrboro, also available on Etsy.
  5. Olive green studded jacket, thrifted $4.59 from Goodwill
  6. Matisse leather sandals, $5 from North Raleigh Mission Store
  7. Mia wedge boots, $10 from DRM Store
  8. LOFT polka dot tee, $3.39 from Goodwill
  9. Rafaella black ruffle tank, $3.39 from Goodwill
  10. Poncho, $17.20 from ThredUp
  11. Kate Spade pink packable tote bag, $5 from Goodwill
  12. Black Gallery coat, $8 from Goodwill
  13. Turquoise and sterling earrings, used consignment credit
  14. Lilly Pulitzer blue ruffle sweater, $4.59 from Goodwill
  15. Banana Republic factory bird print blouse, $9.70 from ThredUp
  16. Apt. 9 olive green sweater, $3.39 from Goodwill
  17. Old Navy black sweater $3.39 from Goodwill
  18. Vintage brown Coach crossbody purse, $8 from Goodwill
  19. [Not pictured] 2 pair of cat socks, $15
  20. [Not pictured] long summer/beach dress, $4.59 from Goodwill
  21. KITTY: Mr. Ulysses

-$255.00 consignment payout
TOTAL = $109.82 [only $9.82 over my budget]

As usual I did a ton of thrifting (and a little ThredUp-ing) this month. I love what I got and I feel as though I’ll wear all of it (except maybe the vintage Coach bag, I plan on selling it). My favorite item is the Rough & Tumble bag that I’ve been crushing on for years. I finally made enough money from consignments and decided to treat myself. We’ll see how I do in January but it’s my birthday month so I might treat myself a little extra 😉

What about you? How did you do this month? What’s your plan for January?

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20 thoughts on “december 2014 budget

    1. Hi Carly! Same here!

      I was going to save the Coach bag for a flea market that my mother-in-law sets up for once a year but that’s not until a while from now. Are you interested in the bag? We can work something out if you are interested. I’ve been selling on ebay for years and have a 100% rating.

  1. You’re seriously the queen of scoring great Coach bags. That bag is gorgeous and I can’t believe it was only $8!

    Also, congrats on staying on budget during December. December is always the roughest month! …or at least for me personally. 🙂


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