february 2015 budget

Hi friends!
Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, and I really miss it. It’s been a really tough month for me and instead of spending time on activities I enjoy, such as blogging and thrifting, I’ve become withdrawn (and I’m also binge watching the entire The Office series).

I haven’t been spending a lot of time shopping, and you can tell from this post, because I normally meet or exceed my monthly budget of $100.
February 2015 fashion budget

What I got this month:
1. Arrow print headband (locally made), $12.50 from local store
2. Made in NC Chameleon Clogs, these were pricey at $170 including tax & shipping but I used my Christmas money for them so they don’t count toward my budget 🙂 And I must say, they are so incredibly comfortable and were custom-made to my size and color preference.
3. Madewell sandal heels, $7 from thrift store
4. & 5. 2 Rough & Tumble purses, made in Maine, both in gorgeous black leather. Ok, so as you know I did not necessarily need more purses. But I was in the market for a bigger bag that would fit my work laptop, and when I found these babies on eBay for an incredible price, I could not resist. They were $200 for both bags. I am completely and totally obsessed with Rough & Tumble bags and their designer, Natasha Durham. I used my birthday money for these so they don’t count against my monthly budget either:)
6. Misook tank top, used consignment credit ($18)
7. Watch necklace, used consignment credit ($16)
8. J. Crew flats, used consignment credit ($18)
9. Light blue vintage Coach purse, $7 from thrift store
10. J. Crew sleeveless dress, $4.59 from Goodwill
11. Soft Italian made pajamas (so comfortable), $3 from Goodwill
TOTAL = $34.09 (minus consignment credits & holiday/birthday money)

Y’all, I think this is a record for me. I did so well (but I wouldn’t have if I didn’t have gift money to spend).

How did you do this month?!?!?! And also, please let me know how you all are doing and what’s going on in your lives. I feel like I’ve missed so much and I don’t like it 😦
As always, I’m linking up with Franish!


12 thoughts on “february 2015 budget

  1. Yay for coming in way under budget!!! I don’t even want to LOOK at what I spent in February. That surprise sale coupled with Chinese New Year sales at the outlets!! OOPS!

    ❤ Jules

  2. I was so excited to see this new post from you!!!! I miss your posts 😦 Yay for not going over budget this month. And The Office is my go-to binge watch show, so nice choice with that! I have also posted a lot less lately and I can’t figure out why, but I’m just not inspired. I don’t want to be cliche and blame it on the winter weather, but I really think that’s what it is 😦

    Love your purchases this month! The clogs are very you and I really love the bags too!

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