april 2015 budget

I’ve been so bad. With my blog and with my budget. Sorry y’all, I have been so busy (in a GOOD way, finally :)) and I haven’t gotten back into the groove of blogging.

may 2015 fashion budget may 2015 fashion budget - misook tanks & jackets

BUT I will, I promise. And I’m hoping this is the first in a series of May posts. Here’s what I got this month:

Using my consignment credits:
1. Eileen Fisher boyfriend jeans ($48 but used credit)
2. Misook navy and dot skirt and top ($75 but used consignment credit)

From eBay:
3. Misook red skirt – $6
4. Misook pink blazer – $39

5. Vintage red coach mini tote $8.50
7. Misook green jacket
8. Misook white tank
9. Misook pink tank
10. Misook pink jacket = $120 for all the Misook
11. 2 pairs of Gap jeans $3.59 each
12. NYDJ skinny jeans in blue $4.59
13. Steve Mono purse – Made in Spain $110
14. Necklace & 2 sterling silver rings $10
15. REI windbreaker $2
16. L.L.Bean fleece $4

=$306.68 Subtotal
-$28 from selling stuff
-$100 gift from mom

=$178.68 TOTAL spent this month

Once again, I’ve completely destroyed my $100 monthly budget. What’s the point of even doing this budget thing if I keep consistently going over it? It’s to keep me accountable, of course.Β The good news is I got a super awesome (very grown-up) purse and a collection of lovely Misook clothes, which I wear to work all the time, mixed-and-matched with jeans πŸ™‚

How’d YOU do this month?

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