Henkaa Iris Convertible Dress for Office Picture Day

Last Thursday was supposed to be picture day at work. I got all gussied up and did my hair and makeup only to have picture day canceled. Oh well.

If you’re a long time reader of my blog, you probably know that I have an affinity for convertible dresses. Being a busty, curvy gal, I was super excited when Henkaa came out with the Iris convertible dress, a sleeved version of their dress which can be worn with a bra.

I absolutely love the Iris convertible dress. I wore it to work with a little jacket blazer and it was a perfect summery outfit. I can’t wait to try out the different ways to style the dress – for a date night, to a wedding, or for the office. Excuse the janky photos, it was way too hot outside.

Comfort – the fabric is smooth, satiny, and luxurious. With no buttons or zippers or anything to get itchy, the dress itself feels very comfortable on my skin.
Price – The Iris comes in both knee length or midi ($138) and maxi length ($168). This price isn’t bad for a dress you can wear to many different occasions, and one that is manufactured in Canada so you know it was created ethically. It’s like having 5 dresses in 1 but for the price of just 1 dress.
Style – I love the midi length and the wrap style. The royal blue color is one of my favorites (that’s why I picked it). It’s very flattering on a curvy body and I can see it looking great on all body types!
Size – I picked the M/L size which fits size 8-14. Being a solid 14, I took a gamble because this size could have been too small. It actually fits me perfectly and hugs all the right places. If I wanted a looser fit, I would have chosen the plus option. I love how there is also a XS/S size and a plus option (1X/2X), too.
Quality – As with all my Henkaa Sakura convertible dresses, the quality of the Iris dress is exemplary. I wouldn’t hesitate buying another one.

Where to buy: Available via Henkaa.com in royal blue, plum, teal, night black, wine, and charcoal grey. $138 for midi length (as shown here); $168 for maxi length.

This dress was provided to me from Henkaa in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own HONEST ones. 


18 thoughts on “Henkaa Iris Convertible Dress for Office Picture Day

  1. DANG! You are so gorgeous in this! The blue is stunning. I really love the idea of these convertible dresses and I know you’ve blogged about them before, but the price is holding me back. Sounds like they’re great quality though! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. You’re sweet, Justine 🙂 I know the price is a bit higher than you’d want to spend, but I say is worth saving up for. Maybe even $10 per month, even. The quality is absolutely the best and I’ve had my first Henkaa dress since 2011 and it’s in perfect shape still, so you know it’s an investment into something that will last. ❤ xo

  2. Look how awesome you look. Love the style dress and the color rocks. You know I always enjoy you in heels and these look great with the dress; open toes are always the way to go. Great job. 😉

  3. This color is gorgeous on you, and I love the sheen of the fabric. I would be devastated if picture day was cancelled. lol I would probably attempt to curl my hair or something, which is always an ordeal. If they cancelled the pictures, I’d be like, “Oh no. Someone is taking my picture because I am NOT exerting this effort on my hair again. I’ve done my yearly hair curling. It’s not going to waste!”

    ❤ Liz

    1. Thanks so much, Liz. It’s a wonderful dress. I was pretty peeved that picture day was cancelled and they haven’t even set a make-up date or anything. For me, it would be my yearly hair straightening, which takes much longer now that my hair is long, so yeah, I would be super displeased 🙂

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