july 2015 budget

Wow, I can’t believe it’s August already, y’all. Time to confess: July was a big shopping month for me. I really needed a new tote to haul all my work stuff and laptop, and I needed a pair of casual sneaker type shoes for the weekends. And then I ended up with a few other things, oops.

Here’s what I got this month:

  1. Durham Bulls jersey tank, $30
  2. Rough and Tumble tote, $50 [available here]
  3. Rockport Rock On Air Comfort Slip-On Flat, $52 from Amazon [still available]
  4. Talbots lemon print tee, thrifted $1.49
  5. Turquoise tunic tank, gift from my mom
  6. Grey tunic, from local boutique $26
  7. New York & Company black and white jumpsuit, $20 from Clothes Mentor
  8. Michael Michael Kors tank, thrifted $1.49
  9. Moschino I love 70s watch, thrifted $1.99 [sadly it doesn’t keep time, even after a new battery]
  10. Cable necklace/bracelet, thrifted $3.00
  11. Turquoise & metal bracelet, used consignment credit
  12. Magnifier necklace, thrifted $5.00
  13. Vintage whistle necklace, thrifted $4.00
  14. Vintage turquoise & sterling silver necklace, vintage jewelry store $40

-$106 from blog income
TOTAL = $127.47
july 2015 budget
july 2015 budget

Well, I guess considering, I didn’t go too far off my $100 monthly budget, plus I got lots of nice items.

Now it’s YOUR turn to spill the beans…how did you do this month?

As always, I’m linking up with Franish, so you should go check her blog out if you haven’t already.


4 thoughts on “july 2015 budget

  1. Ooooh you got some great finds this month! As I’ve already said, I LOVE that jumpsuit on you, and you also found some great jewelry this month. I was pretty good in July, and I’m really focusing on going through my closet in August and either selling stuff on Poshmark or donating it.

  2. I had a massive shopping month too. I got a tax rebate and went and bought all the things that I have been holding out on buying that I needed – new sneakers, new gym clothes, a dress for a friends wedding, some undies, a new handbag… the list seems endless!

    1. Tax rebates can be dangerous! But at least you got the essentials that you needed like undies and sneakers. I’ve got to really watch my spending because hubby needs a new car so I’m trying to make extra spending money by selling stuff.

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