Happy national thrift shop day!


Thanks to my friend Nicole who lovingly reminded me this morning, I didn’t miss National Thrift Shop Day. Thrifted this super cute outfit today (minus the bag). Gap straight leg jeans $5, Talbots sweater $4, wood bangles $3. Thrifted vintage Dooney bag last week for $2 and bought the handles off ebay for $13. Score!

Did you thrift anything today?


6 thoughts on “Happy national thrift shop day!

    1. It is REALLY hard to find good jeans, especially ones that I don’t have to have hemmed (I’ve given up on that). Surprisingly, I’ve had really good luck thrifting jeans. I’ve found a bunch of Gap jeans and Levis. They’re not the best jeans in the world but they fit me pretty well, especially Gap higher waist and Levis demi curve jeans. As for these in the picture, they’re Gap straight leg and I was so stoked to find them because I got tired of having so many bootcut, wide leg, or super skinny jeans and wanted more straight leg ones. For $3-5 each, you can’t really go wrong with thrifted jeans. I have paid lots for jeans only to have them fall apart or get saggy after a few wears. I’ll still buy new jeans but only if they fit perfectly.

  1. I didn’t know it was thrift shop day, either! Bummer! Took my little girls to a water park instead. Oh well! We had fun. I’ll make up for it this weekend maybe!

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