workwear wednesday: favorite work bag(s)

Hi friends. Today, I’ll be sharing my favorite work bags (along with Justine from the Thrifty Girl’s Guide – so don’t forget to check out her post).

The truth is, I have A LOT OF BAGS. Too many bags (if there is such a thing). For example, here is just a sampling of just my vintage Dooney & Bourke bags. I have more that are not pictured.

vintage dooney & bourke bags

And here is an older picture of my closet. As you can see, it’s a complete mess and I have too many bags shoved in there.My closet is a mess and full of handbags!

So even though I have so many purses, handbags, and totes, these Rough & Tumble bags have been my favorite work bags for the past few months. I use the little messenger bag as my purse (it’s also the perfect size for a tablet or ipad) and the larger tote bag as my laptop bag and catch-all for my lunch, kickball clothes, or whatever else. These bags are amazingly versatile and SO well-made (in the USA too) that I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. Yeah, they’re a bit pricey but so worth saving up for.Rough & Tumble Designs - Market Tote & Messenger Bagmy-favorite-bags my-favorite-bags

**excuse the janky photos, I didn’t have time to take proper ones this week.

Messenger bag – Rough & Tumble Designs 1909 Laptop Bag (ipad size) in waxed canvas and leather
Tote bag – Rough & Tumble Designs Waxed Cotton Farmers Market Tote (large size)


6 thoughts on “workwear wednesday: favorite work bag(s)

  1. I really love handbags but I tend to have one at a time and then wear it till it disintegrates because I just can’t be bothered to move my stuff between bags.

  2. Do you recommend the Farmers Market Tote as a purse? I like a large, durable purse for everyday (currently using a not-so-fashionable medium size tote from Lands End) but I’m torn between the small or the large FMT. Do you think the large would be TOO large as a purse? Thanks!

    1. Hi Elisa, the FMT is definitely a durable bag for every day use but I think the ability to use it as a purse depends on your needs. I wouldn’t like it as a purse because it has absolutely no inside pockets or dividers so all your small things like keys, wallet, chap stick, would go all over the place and be hard to pick out when you need it. Unlike other Rough & Tumble bags (I have a few), the FMT doesn’t have the built-in key strap. IF you have a tote organizer insert that could go inside the bag, then it might work for you. I also have a Lands End tote (it’s quite large) and it works really well because it has a bunch of interior pockets but once again, it’s just too big for me to use as a purse. I got the large FMT to fit my laptop and work books as well as my lunch box. Also another thing to consider on the FMT are the straps. They are REALLY thin leather straps and although I think they will last a long time, they are quite uncomfortable because the thin leather straps dig into your shoulders. Something to definitely think about. So all in all, I’m not sure I’d personally use the FMT as a purse but you might have a different opinion.

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