october 2015 budget

For once, this month’s budget was slightly blown but I only bought 3 items. This is a new thing for me, as I usually thrift so I end up with a lot of items for little money.

But honestly, I’ve found myself buying clothes or accessories that I wear once or twice and and then donating or consigning them. For October – December’s budgets, I’m focusing on fewer items with better quality.

So, here’s what I got:

hotcakes design necklace and ring - black cats

  1. Hotcakes Designs Necklace (black cat)
  2. Hotcakes Designs Ring (girl holding black cat)
  3. Gap jeans ($3 from a thrift store)

Total = $138. I only went over my budget by $38 but I got a necklace and ring that are gorgeous and hand made and that I’ve wanted for a LONG time. Also, cats.

Your turn to spill the beans….How did you do this month?


As usual, I’m linking up with Franish.


2 thoughts on “october 2015 budget

  1. I’m with ya on quality over quantity! I love your purchases this month…they’re so you 🙂 I’m so deprived…I didn’t get to shop at all in October! With moving and my trip to North Carolina there was no time! But I definitely plan to do some thrift shopping this month!

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