denim love {a workwear wednesday post}

I love denim. I think I could wear jeans every day and not break a sweat. Jeans are so versatile and varied, from skinny jeans to bootcut to trousers, there’s something for everyone.

That’s why I’ll admit that most days of the week, you’ll catch me wearing an outfit like this: jeans, blouse/top, shoes. This outfit features Levi’s bootcut curve ID jeans, my beloved Sanita clogs, and an ECI blouse (all thrifted).

Like denim? Check out Justine’s denim post on The Thrifty Girl’s Guide.

levis jeans, eci top, sanita clogs

Not a whole lot of razzle dazzle with this outfit, but it’s super comfy and easy to wear to work, run errands, or whatever you want to do. Here are some more examples of denim:

What do you think of denim? Do you wear it to work?


7 thoughts on “denim love {a workwear wednesday post}

  1. I am wearing denim to work today. I love experimenting with colours so today my jeans are faded grey and I’ve paired them up with a bright blouse.

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